December, 2010:

On Vietnamese restaurant menu, KU researcher discovers lizard new to science

2 On Vietnamese restaurant menu, KU researcher discovers lizard new to scienceGraduate student Jesse Grismer found a species of lizard heretofore unknown
to scientists featured on the menu of a restaurant in the remote Ca Mau
province of southern Vietnam.

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Ban Mai Thai Restaurant. A tour round the with the girls.

2 Ban Mai Thai Restaurant. A tour round the  with the girls.Welcome to the Ban Mai Thai Restaurant
Based in Caerwent south Wales,
In between Nr Newport, Chepstow not far from were the Ryder cup golf tournament will be held, at the Celtic manor. There are other great golf venues in the area like Marriott St. Pierre Hotel & Country Club and Dewstow golf course, also some of the world’s best Salmon and Trout fishing on the Wye and the Usk rivers. There are some beautiful places to visit in the area like Caldicot Castle, Penhow Castle, Chepstow castle and of course the Tintern Abbey Why not come down and join us for a beautiful Thai meal were you will be severed by beautiful Thai girls in this lovely restaurant the waitresses will be happy to look after you for the evening there is also a large function room for weddings, party’s or corporate hire during the day

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Lakeview Korean-Mexican-American restaurant serves it fast

2 Lakeview Korean Mexican American restaurant serves it fastWhile traveling across the country and eating at multiple fried chicken places, financial analysts Doug Funke and Jae Lee realized they were sick of working the daily grind and dealing with numbers all day. With their love of chicken, they decided to create an untraditional Korean restaurant with a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine.

Their brainchild became Crisp, a contemporary fast-food restaurant with a traditional twist on Korean chicken and other dishes, located at 2940 N. Broadway. Funke and Lee, busy working with other businesses, recruited a customer, Jon Pazona, to become the engine of the restaurant.

“I was a customer here, ate a bunch of wings one day and came back the next day, and then one week later, they offered me a job, said Pazona, owner of Crisp. I’ve been with them ever since.

Pazona, whose Italian family owned several different restaurants across New York and New Jersey, had been in the restaurant business since he was 15. He said he tries to run the business as a fast-food joint and not like a traditional sit down place like many other Korean food establishments.

“For the restaurant, we were trying to do everything you would never find in a Korean restaurant, which is bright walls, loud music, bright lights and non-Korean employees,” said Pazona. “That is definitely something people are a little weirded out by. Especially Korean customers, when they see me behind the counter and I tell them ‘How are you doing? Welcome to my restaurant.’”

Crisp breaks all the rules of a traditional Korean Restaurant by playing pop music, such as Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” to the vivid green walls decorated with food reviews and then the few large benches that force people to sit together. Pazona said this is very common in Korea.

“We were supposed to force camaraderie and talking about food and sort of intermingling with people that you don’t know,” said Pazona.

Customer Chris Choukalas has been to Crisp quite a few times when he’s in Chicago. He flew from San Francisco to visit his friends and to stop by his favorite restaurant.

“I come here from the Asian food capital of the world outside of Asia to have Asian food in Chicago, in the Midwest with all these good people, it’s worth it,” said Choukalas. “I think ethnic food tends to be a little healthier…. I would add having had Korean non-fusion food, this is tastier– and your clothes don’t smell as terrible after you eat.”

Rogers Park resident Kenny Banya, who came with Choukalas and a group of friends decided to eat at Crisp because the food is served quickly, and it’s something different than your usual American.

“I love fusion cooking. In fact on the way here we were talking about fusion cooking and how it’s difficult not to have fusion cooking anymore, everything is fused,” said Banya. “In a place like Chicago you can turn left and right and find everything from Asian to Austrian, and it’s awesome!”

The menus most popular dishes are the Korean fried Chicken and the Buddha Bowls, which is an adaptation of a semi-traditional dish called Bi Bim Bop. Its hot rice with cold vegetables with the choice of hot beef, chicken or tofu on the top.

The Korean Burritos range from Vegas Vegetarian to Seoul Sensation, and can be filled with rice, romaine lettuce, corn, carrots, tomatoes, onions and homemade Korean beef, Bulgogi, all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

They [Funke and Lee] were trying create the most untraditional items they could possibly come up with, Pazona said. They were really playing upon the diversity that can be Korean food. Burritos were most popular, so we just included Asian style sauces on a basic chicken sandwich. It comes up with pretty great results.

Allan Lee, a student from Korea, finds Crisp to be very close to real Korean food despite the french fries and burrito fusion. He says their fried chicken is very close to the fried chicken they have in Korea.

“If I wanted real Korean food I would have to go to the suburbs, and it’s expensive, but this is close and has Korean taste and it’s kind of fun to go to,” said Lee.

Crisp opened in January of 2008 and Pazona has been the owner since that October. He said in the last couple of months ethnic restaurants have been opening up, such as a Sushi Bar and Middle Eastern place, but Pazona said there is no other like Crisp and really loves his job.

“This is my life, I do nothing else but work at Crisp,” said Pazona. “We have 11-year-old kids who come here after school to 75-year-old Korean couples whose kids love it here so they come. Im very prideful and I enjoy it when they give us their honesty opinions and love our food. I want repeat customers and want you guys to come back once or twice a week. This is my home base.

For more information on Crisp, visit their website at

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Donnie Brasco – Japanese Restaurant Scene

2 Donnie Brasco   Japanese Restaurant SceneUndercover cop Donnie Brasco refuses to take off his shoes at a Japanese Restaurant since he has a hidden microphone in his boots.

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Chinese Food

2 Chinese FoodDining with friends at a Chinese Restaurant

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Hoian Vinh Hung 1 Restaurant Cafe is the best restaurant in Hoi An – Vietnam ?

Hoi An has long been famous throughout Vietnam – even the world – for its unique cuisine. Many visitors come to Hoi An just for the tasty food of the place. Dining in Hoi An has really a unique charm !

Dear Sir or Madam !

Warm greeting from the Ancient Town of Hoi An – Viet Nam !

As you know, Hoi An is famous tourist spot in Vietnam. It is a very tiny town with loads of tourist attractions. Besides that the bounties of nature and the peaceful ambiance also attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, another thing that attracts visitors to Hoi An is the local cuisine. Various international dishes are available in hoi An such as European cuisine, Asian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and many more. However, to have the taste of Hoi An, you have to look for the local cuisine in the Hoi An Vinh Hung 1 Restaurant Cafe !

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What is the best Thai restaurant in Atlanta?

Looking for a good authentic Thai Restaurant in Atlanta or any of the surrounding cities!

Want something that matches real Thai food, not sweetened down for the Southern market.

Tamarind Thai Cuisine
80 14th St Nw, Atlanta, GA

Great atmosphere and awesome food (very authentic). The duck dishes are all excellent.

what is the best korean restaurant in San Francisco?

I really want to try authentic korean cuisine but I don’t know which restaurant to eat at?! I want the place to be wheelchair accessible Thanks so much

Brother’s House! It’s been there for like, decades, and it can get really busy so you might want to book (especially for dinner). The food is great, particularly the barbecue and fish (I’d recommend the gongchi- pike, and kajehmee- lemon sole) and doesn’t have nasty ingredients like MSG. My family’s been going there for years. We now live in Europe but we make sure we go there whenever we visit San Francisco.

Here’s more info:

PS if this is your first time eating korean food, take caution with the kimchi icon smile what is the best korean restaurant in San Francisco?

Can anyone make an executive summary for a japanese restaurant busniss plan?

I am working on my assignment to make a Japanese Restaurant busniss plan which I have chosen.
and I am kind of stuck from the begining making executive summary.
Can anyone give me some idear or make it for me?
Thank you.

The executive summary is really the business plan in miniature. It is a summary of everything in the business plan and should be the last thing you write. When the plan is completed then you summarize all of the sections and that summary is the executive summary.

Trying to write it at the beginning is frustrating because you still don’t know what will be in the plan. Try this link:
and read some of the articles especially the one about a business plan.

Hope this helps

How can you tell an authentic chinese restaurant?

I go to a Chinese Restaurant called the Jade Express that is run by a Chinese family. So anyway all I have been eating is the shrimp fried rice so I want to try new things. I really want to eat the food that is served in China.

hi edwardian princess! Why not ask the staff to prepare an authentic chinese meal for you? My parents (born and raised in China) owned and operated a Chinese restaurant for almost 40 years serving asians and non-asians alike. They were all too happy to make a dish that wasn’t on the menu for their customers. BTW.. fried rice is authentic. What you get at Jade Express might vary from the way they make it in the motherland, but they eat fried rice in China. Cheers!