December, 2010:

Where is a good place to vegetarian food in Vietnam?

We are a whole group of vegetarian people who are planning to visit Vietnam in two weeks. It is our first time visiting the country. Please tell me where will be good place with nice landscaping vegetarian restaurant to eat.

I have a few vegetarian friends in Vietnam who surprised me in how easy it is to live such a lifestyle there especially compared to Western culture. Frankly, it’s easier to tell you the restaurants where you can’t eat vegetarian rather pick the best place to eat as a vegetarian. Pretty much every place that serves food will whip up a non-meat meal without having a second thought about it.

If you want a fabulous vegetarian experience, then I suggest visiting a Buddhist temple and eat with the monks. I visited my grandpa’s temple in Vung Tau and was blown away with the lunch they served. I could swear I was eating fish or chicken if I wasn’t reminded that everything was completely vegetarian. I walked out of the temple completely full and very satisfied. Perhaps the best part was the price – FREE.

Have a great time!

what should i eat at a thai restaurant?

i live in a small town so we just got our 1st Thai Restaurant. i ate their with some friends today and i didnt like it, but they did. i wanted to know what i should order next time. what do you like?

Love Thai food.

Get the fresh spring rolls (these are not fried, fresh veggies/noodles w/herbs wrapped in a rice paper wrapper). They come with a sweet/spicy dipping sauce, usually with some chopped peanuts in it.

A very popular Thai dish is Pad Thai, which is a fried noodle dish usually with shrimp or chicken.

My favorite, although I only know of one place to get it is a dish called Malay Noodle. It’s cooked beef w/noodles in a spicy curry coconut broth, it’s almost soup like in consistency.

Also like the "hot basil" dishes.

Try the Thai Iced Tea, sweet tea with cream on ice. Probably a zillion calories but wicked good.

best korean restaurant in sydney in the city?

so pretty much me and a couple of friends are planning to have dinner out at a Korean Restaurant in the city , but we’re currently struggling to find one thats gonna cost us 20$ >
and has delicious food .
anyone got any suggestions ? thanks a bunch !

Maybe you might want to try out Haemil
It is located at : Gateway, Shop 601, 1 Macquarie Place, Circular Quay, NSW 2000
It is open Monday – Friday 12:00 midday – 3.00pm or 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Enjoy your food

How do we call this type of japanese restaurant?

How do we call the Japanese Restaurant where the chef throws the food directly into your mouth?

it’s called a korean trying to pass off as a a japanese. japanese would never throw food into the customers mouth.

Which Chinese Restaurant in KL should I bring my family to for a dinner?

My family will be coming down to KL for my convocation this weekend.

Am looking for suggestions of a nice Chinese Restaurant with nice food & not too pricey.

Reunion in Bangsar Village.
Don’t be fooled by the classy look. The food is too good.
And it’s non-halal, too.

Vietnamese Restaurant

2 Vietnamese RestaurantFilming everyone talking while we’re at the restaurant.

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Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant Review

2 Bucheons Sala Thai Restaurant ReviewHere’s our first negative review of a restaurant. Long story short: STAY AWAY from here!

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Speaking korean at a korean restaurant #2

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a chinese restaurant-sorries (the city sleeps nightly)

2 a chinese restaurant sorries (the city sleeps nightly)song from their debut album ”my dearest i cannot speak”. please comment and rate…enjoy!!!!

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