January, 2011:

Are there any halal restaurants in Vietnam?

It a bit hard to find..but i think there is. Do some searching

Do you have a favourite Thai restaurant in central london?

What Thai Restaurants do you like in central london and why?

Try Thai Silk Restaurant in Waterloo Road, just by the exit to the Jubilee line underground service, next to the Sainsburys. This place is always packed and buzzy, both at lunch and dinner, if they are full there are a couple of pubs nearby where you can get a drink and they will call you on your mobile when your table is free.

Lots of young Oriental people eat here as well, always a good sign. They are about to open another one around the corner, behind Southwark Tube station that will have a Bar as well, make waiting for a table easier. Some of their special are really great and they have new Chef just in from Thailand to make the food even better.

Some great dishes are the Chicken wrapped in a Pandam Leaf, Either the Massuman or Red Duck Curry, and their Phad Thai Noodles hit all the right spots, nice and sweet and hot as well. They have some really interesting Salads that are crunchy and hot.

What is a good Korean BBQ restaurant in the Bay Area?

What is a good Korean BBQ restaurant in the Bay Area?

Highly recommend "Brothers" in San Francisco. <br />
<br />
Its gonna be smoky (from barbeque smoke) though, so don’t wear your best outfit!<br />
<br />


doesn’t people think Americanized Japanese restaurant food is nasty and bland?

I know most Americans go by what they can get here but I personally think its soooo bland tasting. horrible food. only some of the sashimi, rolls, etc. are good. Japan’s regular home cooking is SOOO much better and fufilling. Why do Americans still think that Japanese restaurant food is so yummy? It doesn’t offer much variety besides what they can give in rolls, sashimi, and sushi. and it’s blandly flavored.
Japanese people don’t eat in little lunchbox sets, and certainly they eat with more variety and flavor. i think the food is altered to American tastes because some Japanese food may be too extreme for Americans like pork heart, liver, etc. but its so tasty! i’ve also been there many times.


I’m Japanese living in the US.

Well, I understand what you are saying. But this is America and many Americans don’t usually like authentic international food. It’s not only Japanese food but also any international food from other countries. I was very surprised that when I asked Americans what kind of food they liked, many of them usually answered Italian food. But usually the italian food they refer to is not authentic Italian food but Americanized Italian food that has lot of sauce, cheeses and chicken breasts…

Well…but even in Japan, we do the same things. We don’t usually serve real authentic international food but we adjust the flavor to the flavor that many Japanese people want to like to have.

But as a Japanese living in the states, I can’t go to a typical sushi restaurant and Japanese restaurant that many Americans like to go to because the food is so horrible. And I really hate this all you can eat sushi idea. It’s just lower the status of sushi. It’s like every body can eat sushi any time because it’s so cheap and I don’t like the idea at all. I feel like eating all you can eat sushi is like eating some cheap crappy sushi. But that’s actually what it is! That’s why, I just hate to see all these all you can eat sushi restaurants everywhere. And I hate many Americans say, " Oh, I had sushi today" so proudly. Probably they think eathing sushi makes them feel like eating some expensive food. But to me, eating all you can eat sushi crap is eating a hamburger at McDonald’s.

Anyways, you are right that many Japanese Restaurants in the US don’t have decent Japanese food. I don’t know why they want to add red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflowers, zucchini, yellow squash, and other wenstern vegetables that we don’t use for Japanese dishes. I really hate that. And also instead of using ketchup for some Japanese dishe, many Americans love to use tomato sauce…a lot of tomato sauce. I really don’t understand that. But they like it so I guess it tastes good to them…..

So what is considered a chinese restaurant? From a Modern Asian Restaurant, a Thai, a Viet., Japanese restaur

There’s a chinese takeout restaurant with a execlusive "No other Chinese restaurant within the same shopping center". But what is considered a Chinese Restaurant? Must be chinese to cook? Must have chinese writings? What is legally a chinese restaurant?

A Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant that serves dishes that are based or found in China.

However, you don’t have to be Chinese to cook in a Chinese restaurant. Many Latino cooks can be found is some Chinese restaurants, especially along the US-Mexico border.

Locally, some Chinese restaurants are owned by Vietnamese while the Chinese own Japanese Restaurants.

My Seinfeld Experience at Vietnam Restaurant in Philadelphia

0 My Seinfeld Experience at Vietnam Restaurant in PhiladelphiaWe have rules and you won’t eat here unless you obey them!

Duration : 0:6:15


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Thai Food Restaurant Recipes : How to Cut Chili Peppers for Thai Papaya Salad

0 Thai Food Restaurant Recipes : How to Cut Chili Peppers for Thai Papaya SaladLearn how to cut red hot chili peppers for papaya salad with expert cooking tips in this free Thai cuisine video clip.

Expert: Dina Cutrone
Contact: www.tallorderonline.com
Bio: Chef Dina Cutrone is a natural foods chef and holistic health counselor. She is founder of TALL Order in NYC, offering a unique, healthy approach to cooking, entertaining and living.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Duration : 0:1:20


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Korean food photo contest and LA meetup

0 Korean food photo contest and LA meetupI’m announcing a Korean food photo contest and a meetup in Los Angeles!
Contest rules: http://www.maangchi.com/blog/korean-food-photo-contest
LA meetup: http://www.maangchi.com/blog/meetup-in-los-angeles

Duration : 0:1:28


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Japanese Food Okonomiyaki

0 Japanese Food OkonomiyakiThirteenth part of my summer vacation video. This video contains footage from two Okonomiyaki restaurants, one a cook it yourself in Tokyo and another professionally cooked by master chefs in Kyoto. Okonomiyaki is my personal favourite of all Japanese food, absolutely delicious. Okonomi means “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki means “fried” or “cooked”. Sometimes called the “Japanese Pizza” or the “Japanese Pancake”, it originates from the Kansai region (including Osaka) and also Hiroshima. Song is Twist and Shout by The Beatles.

Duration : 0:3:13


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Cheech & Chong Live 1978-Chinese Restaurant

0 Cheech & Chong Live 1978 Chinese RestaurantCheech & Chong live on stage in 1978 before they started making movies.

Duration : 0:3:59


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