February, 2011:

A story of a father

0 A story of a fatherHe is an entrepreneur who owns and operates the Vietnam Restaurant. He was an intelligent, hard working student who was compelled to pursue eleven years of post-secondary education and earned a degree in veterinarian sciences from Saigon University (now Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam. He decided to pursue a career abroad and moved to Canada in 1982. To his dismay, he discovered that his degree was not recognized by the Canadian education system. He basically had to start all over again. In 1994, he established his first business in London and it has been open ever since. The Vietnam Restaurant is known to be one of the most successful Asian restaurants in London. The restaurant is located at 1074 Dundas East Street. He works six days a week from 8:30am to 11:00pm. “I am the first to arrive and the last to leave everyday.”
During our conversation, Mr. Ngo gave a detailed exposition of his life and what he has learned over the years from his struggles and resilience to overcome them, the incumbent success of his restaurant, and valuable life lessons.

Duration : 0:7:23


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Thai Food Cooking: Moo Pad Prig (Pork and peppers stir fried)

0 Thai Food Cooking: Moo Pad Prig (Pork and peppers stir fried)Another spicy dish you can easily find in the restaurant that cook food to order in Thailand. It’s pork and peppers – stirfry (stir fried) and it’s fast and easy. This is a Thai favorite and you’ll love it too – delicious!

Duration : 0:6:26


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Korean Restaurants

0 Korean RestaurantsThree Korean Restaurants. This 1st is a traditional Korean sushi restaurant, the 2nd is a small chicken restaurant, and the 3rd is a small Chinese Restaurant that serves “Cha-Ja-Myon” — black noodles they don’t really have in China — kind of like “Chinese fortune cookies” in America.

Duration : 0:7:5


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Learn Japanese online : Japanese cuisine – Yakiniku 満天

0 Learn Japanese online : Japanese cuisine   Yakiniku  満天An interview with the owner of a Japanese yakiniku restaurant MANTEN ( 満天).
This video introduces some delicious yakiniku meat cuisine.
Not for vegetarians !!

Duration : 0:5:3


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Amazing Chinese Restaurant

0 Amazing Chinese RestaurantWatch the waiters zooming by on roller skates in this mall-sized Chinese Restaurant. Then, without any warning these beautiful, scantily clad showgirls march on stage in costumes right out of Las Vegas and proceed to give a wonderful show.
If you’re a Gibson guitar fan, check out this guitar:

Duration : 0:1:3


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Living in Vietnam, creating income to establish?

Hi all, I would really, really like to establish myself in Vietnam (Middle or Southern). These regions are my preference

I just would like to know how much it cost for any kind of business, like restaurant, travel agency, anything that you can think of so I can have a net income of 1,000 to 1,500 USD

I know some of you have been living in Vietnam for long time. What do you do ? How long have you been there ? How did you establish yourself ? How did you manage regular income , and for how much ?

I lost a lot, lot money because of the stock market so now I am back in my country to work my … off so I am wondering what goal I would need to attain.. note that I am not really talking about rental and house, more like on how to create regular income, because if I need some extra money I can always go back working part time in my home country. I just need to have an idea of rental on Bui Vien, or a rental biz in Nha Trang, for example. I am not necessarily aiming for something touristy by the way, so it could be, internet café,

I do not have Vietnamese wife, I am guessing I could take care of this when I am settled.

You can contact my yahoo, you can see my nick here is markpetit2008

I hope this thread can be a good resourceful link in the future too, so you can post anything related to establish in Vietnam, I just need to know how I can manage this as fast as possible and generate enough income so I can live comfortably, 500USD of monthly savings after food and rent paid is fine by me, I want to retire early and manage under the sun icon smile Living in Vietnam, creating income to establish?

Thank you for your time for reading I hope you can write a lot of information icon smile Living in Vietnam, creating income to establish? I will provide and edit, so come check back!
heh yeah, thanks , I’m aware I should rent at first!
I have been there already, visited every city except Da Nang and Quy Nhon, with my back then girlfriend, so I know what to expect!

I wonder what town it is, but yes Quan 1 is expensive, but a lot of customers, but as I said I don’t mind much where, I get into cultures very easily and I am good with that icon smile Living in Vietnam, creating income to establish? Thank you for your time, hope you can provide more information !
wow happy thank you very very much for your valuable comment, this sure will be used as a reference in the future for anyone asking the same question as me !

I know what you are talking about and i tend to agree with you, I’ve been there for quite some time and you must know what you are talking about, but you have a company there yourself ! 300USD must be quite something there too, you’d recommend invest in my home country and then use that to live overseas instead of doing the opposite right ? I don’t want to be bored all my life too, heh, but you seem to have made a company on your own, with no wife as you said. I’d like to know more, please send me some IM I don’t want to disturb you but I sure would like a good referrence like you once or twice ! thanks, wish you good business, a lot of money, wealth and prosperity, as they would say hahaha

Rick M above was being very polite and wrote with good humor, i apologies now for not doing the same. Losing a lot of money on the stock market will not compare to the money you will be cheated out of here, you will be looked at as a walking ATM, the more friendly and bigger the smile the more they are cheating you. No matter how clever and informed you think you are they are 100 times better, all the people you deal with are in cahoots with each other and you cannot w in. Also you are showing great naivety in the Business you suggested, have you seen how many Internet shops and tourist shops that are in Nha Trang, a good shop doing well would give you an income of about 300usd per month, but its not possible for you to do well as you are competing against the Vietnamese, once again they know every trick in the book to make you fail, including a visit from the police who will want there cut if they see success. As for the restaurant business i see about 2 a month closing, usually with a foreigners dreams shattered. As for not having a Vietnamese wife, that will not be a problem, i am a fat ugly 53 year old and i could take my pick of any of hundreds of beautiful women who love me and marry me next week because i am so handsome, but they soon fade away when they realize i will not give them money.I am sorry to be the writer of such doom and gloom, for ever Rick above {who i have been happily reading about for a few years] there are hundreds who have not been lucky. If you are really seriouse about living here then the best thing to do is come and live here, get a cheap hotel room or a small house, invest your money in the bank and look and learn, trust absolutely know one and ask ask and ask again. When i say invest in the bank, i mean put your money in a VND a/c here, allthough its gone down dramatically you can still get 10% per annum.

Name ideas for a cozy thai restaurant in Bangkok ?

How about some ideas for an english sounding name for a Thai Restaurant in Bangkok. It is an old home surrounded and isolated in a cozy hidden spot and it will have a beer garden plants, fish, etc, and will be a dimly lit evening environment and away from street noise etc.

" My Little Cozy Thai Bar and Grill"

What is the best/most authentic korean bbq restaurant in Los angles?

I been in korea for 3 months and am coming back to LA soon…
What is the best and most authentic korean bbq restaurant in Los angles?

I mean one that gives you side dishes and all..and the lettus leaves..hahah.

Also..nice to nonekoreans(Don’t speak korean!)

After I came back from 5 weeks in Korea, I craved Korean food too. My Korean friends in LA turned me on to Chosun Galbee in K-town and it’s one of my favorites now. There are also some really good ones in the south bay too. I like Yang San Park Korean Bbq at 22757 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90505-3613. It’s small, quiet, usually only Koreans are in there and the food has always been really good.


Looking for a Thai or Japanese restaurant near the Toronto airport?

I am looking for a thai or Japanese Restaurant close to Toronto Pearson airport that would be suitable for a business meeting. Would appreciate some help.


Take 427 South to DUNDAS (about 5 minutes)

Get off and go EAST (left) for about 2km.

Pass a McDonalds, KFC, bowling alley, adult video.

On the left side (north side of street) beside the adult store is a great little thai fusion. Basically across the street from Canadian Tire. They have the BEST green chicken curry and sticky rice I have tried, and I’m a thai fan of sorts.

IF you have a few extra minutes (only 5 minutes more) I’d go to the BRAND new AFTER RAIN on central parkway:

Toronto Pearson Airport

1. Head east on Terminal Access Rd 1 0.9 km
2. Take the ramp onto King’s Hwy 409 0.6 km
3. Take the ON-427/ON-401 exit 1.2 km
4. Merge onto King’s Hwy 427 2.2 km
5. Take the ON-401 exit 0.7 km
6. Merge onto King’s Hwy 401/MacDonald-Cartier Fwy (signs for ON-401) 4.7 km
7. Take exit 344 for ON-403 toward QEW/Hamilton 2.4 km
8. Merge onto King’s Hwy 403 5.9 km
9. Take the Mavis Rd exit 0.7 km
10. Turn left at Mavis Rd 1.8 km
11. Turn left at Central Pkwy W 24 m

After Rain
723 Central Parkway WestMississauga, ON L5B 4L1

Reccomend the mango duck
or good ole pad thai at after rain.


how do i make sate peanut sauce like a Chinese restaurant?

When i go to a Chinese Restaurant they do a starter on a skewer with chicken and mushrooms, i have tried to emulate the taste but alas no i cant! please help.

Spicy Peanut Sauce
2 tb cilantro; fresh chopped
3 tb water; warm
3 tb chunky peanut butter; room
1 ts brown sugar
1/4 ts red pepper flakes; crushed
1/2 ts soy sauce

This is straight from a Chinese cookbook…hope it helps!!!