March, 2011:

Da Nang, Vietnam, Hoa Sen Restaurant mpeg2video

0 Da Nang, Vietnam, Hoa Sen Restaurant mpeg2videoGrand opening of Hoa Sen Restaurant, Lo 5A, Pham Van Dong, St., Da Nang, Vietnam

Duration : 0:3:18


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Gross Food: Eating Beetles – Gross Grub Thai Food Series

0 Gross Food: Eating Beetles   Gross Grub Thai Food SeriesGross food – insects. Eating beetles in Thailand. What Thais consider Thai food is outrageous. Thai people eat incredibly gross things… I eat what I can in this Gross Grub Series. Check out all Gross Grub Videos to be thoroughly disgusted.

Duration : 0:1:4


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korean restaurant

0 korean restaurantKorean Restaurant

Duration : 0:4:17


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Omama Japanese Cooking #11 – Dashi Maki

0 Omama Japanese Cooking #11   Dashi MakiJapanese food favorite; dashi maki. Firm scrambled egg roll. Children love it! A standard on any sushi platter.

Duration : 0:9:59


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Rainy Day Chinese Food

0 Rainy Day Chinese FoodIt rained for several days straight here in southern California. there comes a time in every mans life where a sunshine prone city covered in water makes you have to strip down to your boxerbriefs and roll around in the freezing cold wetness to give you the strength to venture out into the concrete wilderness and retrieve food from China and yogurt from Froze-a.

Duration : 0:8:0


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Looking for a (bbq-chicken) fast food restaurant investors who wants to invest in Cambodia?

Hi… I’m a young korean business man who’s currently helping my dad run a garment factory. Ma dad bought the whole contract of (BBQ-chicken(one of the most popular korean fast food restaurant)) in cambodia. I’m looking for investors who’s willing to make this fast food restaurant in Cambodia. I can 99% guarantee that it will succeed. I have a brochure of it, so if ur interested, jst email me and I’ll send you the brochure. It’s already popular in Singapore, part of china, Vietnam, and Malaysia. I guarantee that its going to grow more and more in asia as the population increases. I want to make one too, but I have a financial problem at the moment. It cost US$250,000 just to franchise this name. I don’t think its costly because there’s one fast food restaurant here that cost 3 million $ just to franchise that name. just email me for more info…([email protected]) or ([email protected])

No couldnt support something like that, not when the majority of the worlds population is suffering from disease’s caused by fast food.
I see you said the fast food chain is healthier than your average fast food chain as you use olive oil instead of normal oil. Hmmm think you better do some study on that. Olive oil has a low heating point, which means when heated is destroyed and than turnt into a saturated fat no better than the other oils you find in fast food shops. So not only will it be a saturated fat but also a exspensive oil to use to destroy, you might as well use the bad oils…

What is the name of your favorite Thai restaurant and where is it located?

I dont know any just Thai Restaurants, but there is a great restaurant called Hong Kong City in Massachusetts.

What’s the best Korean restaurant in Korea town, LA?

I’m in my first relationship w/ a girl and I want to take her somewhere special. Plus I’m Korean and so is my girl and that’s why Korean Restaurants. lol thanks- AJ

The restaurant Surasang in Tujunga is superb! The service and food is wonderful. Owners are Korean and are most of the clientele.
It is located at Foothill Blvd. and Boston Street.

I’m going to Dallas, What Japanese restaurant and shopping center?

I wanna Japanese Restaurant that offers Shabu Shabu, you cook the food by yourself.
DO you know any other shopping centers like urban outfitters, their stuffs are cool and not too expensive, so i can afford it.

The Dillard’s Clearance Center has moved to Ft. Worth.

There’s a restuarant called Mr. Shabu Shabu in Plano, a suburb north of Dallas (2220 Coit Rd. #200A, 469-229-9168). I don’t know of any in Dallas proper.

There are two Urban Outfitters in Dallas. One is at NorthPark Mall, and the other is at Mockinbird Station (on the DART red line).

You might also like Sam Moon Trading Co. at 11826 Harry Hines Blvd. See link below for their website.

Is there any Chinese restaurant in Ottawa that serves Beijing duck?

Is there any Chinese Restaurant in Ottawa that serves Beijing duck?

There are two, they are called: Royal Buffet , this is located by Hunt Club, the other one is Brother Wu, it is located in Gloucester. They call it Peking Duck on their menu (i double checked too).