June, 2011:

Are there McDonald’s Restaurant in Vietnam?

Are there any McDonald’s Restaurant in Vietnam? I couldn’t find one there and could find Pizza Hut or KFC.

As most of the others have pointed out, the answer is no. The reason that there are PH, KFC, and Taco Bell’s are that they are all owned by one company (Yum Brands) and that company has been doing business with the Viet government for years.

“Da Nang and China Beach” Wonnie’s photos around Da Nang, Vietnam (restaurant china beach danang)

0 Da Nang and China Beach Wonnies photos around Da Nang, Vietnam (restaurant china beach danang)Preview of Wonnie’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/wonnie/1/1231719480/tpod.html

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Entry from: Da Nang, Vietnam
Entry Title: “Da Nang and China Beach”


“We caught a flight from Ho Chi Minh City this morning to Da Nang which is a port city in central Vietnam. We drove a short distance to China Beach which was really beautiful. This was where the soldiers hung out during the war for R & R. The water was rough and the sand was gorgeous. We then went to Marble Mountain which was a village surrounded by 5 mountains of marble where all the villagers carve everything out of marble, statues big and small. Truly artists but the entire family are part of the business. We met a young girl who runs the front of her shop selling and her father and brother actually carve the marble in the back while her sisters polish the marble wares they make. And all 3 generations of her family live above the shop which is very common. We headed to our resort which is very beautiful, lush green gardens and a great pool. Went to a local restaurant for dinner where we were served a whole fish with the head and EYES!! But fear not, there was plenty of local beer to wash it down.”
Read and see more at: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/wonnie/1/1231719480/tpod.html

Photos from this trip:
1. “Sam, John, Karole, and Josh on China Beach”
2. “China Beach”
3. “Lifeguard station on China Beach”
4. “Pagoda on Marble Mountain”
5. “Rice paddies in Da Nang”
6. “Planting rice”
7. “Fishing off the back of a buffalo”
8. “Communist party gathering”
9. “Grounds at our resort”
10. “Our pool”

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Seattle Meet & Greet 2011- Mango Thai Restaurant/ Seatac Airport

0 Seattle Meet & Greet 2011  Mango Thai Restaurant/ Seatac AirportWhat city should we visit next? Comment below or post a video response icon smile Seattle Meet & Greet 2011  Mango Thai Restaurant/ Seatac Airport

Thank you Mango Seattle for the delicious thai food and beautiful setup ! The restaurant was really classy, bar was nice, and staff was great!



***Don’t forget to mention my name and you’ll receive 10% off your order icon biggrin Seattle Meet & Greet 2011  Mango Thai Restaurant/ Seatac Airport
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The Cheapest Korean BBQ in Korea

0 The Cheapest Korean BBQ in KoreaWe went to a Korean BBQ restuarant, 대박집, which is around exit 2 of 낙성대(Naksungdae) subway station. It’s delicious and surprisingly cheap. Why don’t you try one day?

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Japanese commercial, Dole banana: couple in restaurant

0 Japanese commercial, Dole banana: couple in restaurantFunny Japanese TV commercial for Dole bananas

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Chinese restaurants: Cat and dog meat sold as beef, pork or chicken

0 Chinese restaurants: Cat and dog meat sold as beef, pork or chickenAN EPIDEMIC OF UNWANTED AND HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS ALSO END UP ON THE MENU AS IN SOLD AS CHICKEN AND BEEF MEAT!

Did you know in many Asian cultures, dog and cat meat is no different than chicken or pig meat. Meat is meat. As many Asians were raised on dog and cat meat, they think what’s the big deal.

I’m about to write to the state about my suspicious that some Chinese restaurants really ARE serving cat and dog meat because I am hearing a lot of people say “the meat doesn’t look quite like chicken or beef. I remember back in the early 1980′s there were a few Chinese Restaurants that had cats in the freezer albeit they denied feeding it to the customers. Yeah, right.

Since most people oppose spay/neuter legislation the unwanted and homeless cat and dog population is every growing so instead of legislating spay/neutering, multiple “free to good home” ads, and trapping stray cats, are perfect sources of “chicken and beef” sources with 100% profit-they can kill the dogs and cats in their home, chop them up, take the cut up meat to their restaurant, and serve them as beef and chicken dishes and nobody would know the difference. THE ECONOMY IS BAD-SO IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME


I think the state should randomly investigate by taking samples of food-discreetly-and get them lab tested especially if it doesn’t quite look like chicken or beef.


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what kind of rice desert do they make at a thai restaurant?

I went to a Thai Restaurant and the had a rice desert, sweet almost tasted like cereal i would like to learn how to make it.

coconut rice: Soak 2 cups of sticky rice overnight and steam them in a cloth bag. heat up one cup of coconut milk, half teaspoon of salt, 3 tablespoons sugar. If you have Padan leaves, chop one leaf up and throw it in( It adds a smooth smell) . Before the whole thing begins to boil up, turn off the heat. Mix this coconut milk in your sticky rice. (remove the leaf bits). you can sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds or coconut flakes while serve.

The cereal-like dessert are just sticky rice cakes. They dry up sticky rice and deep fry them.

Why do may people consider "Saving Private Ryan" to be one of the greatest Vietnam War movies ever made?

I thought it was a well-made movie, and very realistic. The visuals were incredible as well.

Tom Hanks’ played his character well, but I saw the prequel to Saving Private Ryan, and I never could understand why Hanks’ character got out of the army to co-found a shrimping restaurant, and then rejoined the army to fight in the sequel to search for Ryan’s privates. Was Hanks’ character gay?

Personally I thought The Wizard of Oz was the greatest Vietnam War movie ever made.

What is a good Chinese restaurant in Anchorage AK?

I have been in AK for about a year and every Chinese Restaurant is truly awful. I can’t believe it. I also need them to be able to deliver.

There’s some really good ones in Florida, Southwest and in Northwest Indiana and in California. It’ll take a while to deliver, but hey! Good Chinese food is worth it.


0 Au LACProbably the best Vietnamese restaurant in the whole of the UK

Duration : 0:8:37


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