July, 2011:

Do restaurants in Vietnam use MSG?

I don’t agree with those who state MSG doesn’t hurt you. It causes a severe case of diarrhea that can last for hours when I eat food with this substance in it. My husband has the same problem. We have had problems with salad bars in the past.

Nearly all soy sauce, even if the primary dish doesn’t, contains MSG.

OpenRice TV | Celebrity Chef Luke Nguyen

0 OpenRice TV | Celebrity Chef Luke NguyenThanks to StarHub’s Hubalicious Food Festival 2010, OpenRIce got hold of celebrity chefs featured in the various food and lifestyle programmes on BBC Lifestyle, Asian Food Channel, Discovery Travel & Living as well as the new Food Network Asia.

To kick start, we have Luke Nguyen on video! Luke Nguyen is the chef and owner of the award-winning Vietnamese restaurant, red lantern, and is the author of the bestselling book, secrets of the red lantern and songs of sapa. In his spare time, Luke hosts 13-day culinary discovery trips to Vietnam. He’s a real charmer on set with witty, engaging answers. More of Luke Nguyen at http://sg.openrice.com/.

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Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Dtom Sab!

0 Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Dtom Sab!http://www.JoysThaiFood.com – my site!

This is how to make a local Thai food favorite – Dtom Sab. I learned to make this Thai cuisine from my family in the northeast (isaan) Thailand. It is delicious!

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Tricks to Eating Korean BBQ at Bo-un Barbecue House in Seoul

0 Tricks to Eating Korean BBQ at Bo un Barbecue House in SeoulI went to Bo-un Sutbul Galbi restaurant near Hapjeong Station Exit 7. The food is quite good and I learned tricks on how to barbecue garlic without it burning and how to mix rice wine (makgeolli) without it exploding. Check out more restaurant reviews and food fun at www.seouleats.com

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A Sushi Restaurant in Japan

0 A Sushi Restaurant in JapanA Sushi restaurant in Sapporo Japan. I am a foreigner living in Japan. Check out my videos!!!

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Dude Where’s My Car (And Then?)

0 Dude Wheres My Car (And Then?)In dude Where’s My Car Jesse and Chester try to order Chinese food, but are annoyed by the And Then Lady.

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Most romantic Japanese/Chinese restaurant in New York City to propose?

I’ve decided to do a custom made fortune cookie proposal. This could only work if we dine at a Chinese or Japanese Restaurant. Since we both love Japanese and Chinese food, I figured this would be perfect. Does anyone know of any romantic, upscale Japanese or Chinese Restaurant in the city? Price is not an issue.

You should go to this restaurant a couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building. It’s called Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant and the address is:10 E 38th St (between 5th Ave & Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10016. It’s a very stylish restaurant with modern furnishings.

Simply Vietnam Vietnamese Restaurant Santa Rosa CA

0 Simply Vietnam Vietnamese Restaurant Santa Rosa CASimply Vietnam Vietnamese Restaurant Santa Rosa CA


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Traditional Thai Food Carving – Cha-Am, Thailand

0 Traditional Thai Food Carving   Cha Am, ThailandFood carving is an ancient traditional art throughout Thailand. Watch the details as a vibrant orange carrot becomes a gorgeous and delicate rose. This video was filmed at Leewaladee Restaurant at Cha-Am Beach. Enjoy!

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How to Eat Korean BBQ

0 How to Eat Korean BBQYoungbin Kwan is a korean bbq buffet restaurant located just outside of Philadelphia in Jenkintown (101 Washington Lane). I’ve been coming here for over a year and regard it as the best korean bbq outside of seoul. The restaurant owner and staff are all very, very friendly. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for authentic korean bbq.

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