July, 2011:

118 and 118 Sushi squabble

0 118 and 118 Sushi squabbleThose big red buttons sure create chaos on the food belt as the 118 boys get frisky with a hungry diner in a fave Japanese Restaurant. Chopsticks at dawn in a classic chopstick ‘em up film for all the family.

Duration : 0:0:10


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Funny Prank Cassidy Prank Calls Chinese Food restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Funny  Prank Cassidy Prank Calls Chinese Food restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cassidy pranks the chinese food restaurant perfect scenario uncut unedited and raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want I want some buffalo wings hahaha. Jay Pharoah as Cassidy hahahaha

Duration : 0:3:32


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Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant, Hoi An, Vietnam – HD

0 Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant, Hoi An, Vietnam   HDCom Ga Buoi has been serving up delicious com ga since the 1950s. We pop in for a taste and a chat.

Duration : 0:2:28


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Bangkok Dining Tours At Kalpapruek Thai Restaurant

0 Bangkok Dining Tours At Kalpapruek Thai Restauranthttp://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting checks out Kalpapruek’s menu for Bangkok Dining Tours.

Duration : 0:3:0


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Korean BBQ

0 Korean BBQRaw meat.

Duration : 0:0:49


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Hibachi Chef Does Tricks at Japanese Restaurant

0 Hibachi Chef Does Tricks at Japanese RestaurantHibachi chef does tricks at Tako Yaki restaurant in TN. Tricks include tossing utensils, fire, onion volcano, and tossing egg.

Duration : 0:1:51


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Asian Restaurant Fire Prank Call – OwnagePranks

0 Asian Restaurant Fire Prank Call   OwnagePranksI call an owner of an Asian Restaurant while he’s not there and tell him his restaurant is on fire. I use some cool sound effects and hilarity ensues. This call was requested by the owner’s best friend. He wanted payback because the owner played a joke on him and said his house burned down while he was away on vacation.

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November 25, 2009 Restaurant at Hanoi City

0 November 25, 2009 Restaurant at Hanoi CityVietnam Restaurant at Hanoi City

Duration : 0:2:33


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Thai food specialities

0 Thai food specialitiesHow to make Thai specialities?
Banana leaf chicken, Prawns superb, Tamarind Prawns, Lab pla, Gulf of siam, Thai duckling, Tamarind duck, Panang curry duck
This Thai foods i make at 151 Baroona road, Rosalie shopping centrol, Milton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4064

Duration : 0:10:20


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How to eat Korean BBQ

0 How to eat Korean BBQHave you tasted Korean BBQ before?
Its one of the most popular Korean food all over the world. Korean BBQ is sweet, chewable and the marbling is so soft. Therefore not only elderly but also children love this taste.
Browse some Korean Restaurants in streets. Learn how to order food in Korean restaurants and how to eat Korean BBQ in Korean style.
icon smile How to eat Korean BBQ
Call the waitress, “Aunty!”

Duration : 0:4:26


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