September, 2011:

Fine dining at Vietnamese Restaurant

0 Fine dining at Vietnamese RestaurantFine dining at Vietnamese Restaurant

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Thai food Salads

0 Thai food SaladsHow to make Thai Salad?
Lamb salad, Seafood salad, Beef salad, Pork salad, Chicken salad, Prawns salad, BBQ, chicken, Vegetables salad,
This is Thai food i make at 151 Baroona road, Rosalie shopping centrol, Milton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4064

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Santorini (산토리니) Korean Restaurant Manila

0 Santorini (산토리니) Korean Restaurant ManilaSantorini (산토리니) is a Korean Restaurant located at
P. Noval Street corner Delos Reyes Street (beside UST)

They serve authentic Korean dishes and the owner Mr. Harry Kim and Mrs. Kim
are both nice and welcoming.

DAEBAK about Santorini:
- Delicious food that never failed to amuse me
- Free Kimchi (Raddish and Cabbage)
- Wall covered with posters of K-shows and KPop stars
- Freedom wall to post your sticky notes
- Awesome owners Appa and Eomma
- SBS Shows like Inkigayo and Running man flashed on the TV

Favorite Food from Santorini:
Bibimbap, Zzapagetti, Pajeon, Bulgoggi, Mandu

Visit their Facebook to learn more about Santorini

Contact No.:
Landline: 565-0701 / Mobile: 0929-356-0609

Google Map:,120.98785&spn=0.000934,0.001725

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Restaurants in Japan (Hirakata and Osaka)

0 Restaurants in Japan (Hirakata and Osaka)Because a general video on Japanese food would be a little too broad to do, I thought I’d do a video on restaurants of Japan, in the area around Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, and Osaka. This video covers a variety of popular meals–udon, curry and rice, tonkatsu, yakiniku, and of course, ramen. If you’d like to see more food videos, let me know, and I’ll see if I can pump out more. I will eat food in front of a camera everyday of the week for you guys.

Wanna learn more about studying abroad as an exchange student in Japan or Kansai Gaidai? Check out my blog:

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Tomato and Pork Fried Rice/蕃茄豬肉炒飯/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

0 Tomato and Pork Fried Rice/蕃茄豬肉炒飯/Chinese Food, Cooking and RecipesRecipe found at:

Authentic Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

Music by: Rue Du Soleil la – Francaise

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For Sale Vietnamese Restaurant in Houston

0 For Sale Vietnamese Restaurant in HoustonEstablished Vietnamese Restaurant now available for sale in Houston. Perfect opportunity to purchase an existing profitable business and concept. Listed for $92,000. Contact Mike Wong (713) 935-5800 for more information.

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Thai Food Downtown Royal Oak

0 Thai Food Downtown Royal OakTerrance shares a bit about what he has been up to over some amazing Thai food at Ahan Thai Restaurant in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan.

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Korean Food Wins Over Singapore!

0 Korean Food Wins Over Singapore!Korean firms and cuisine are beginning to compete in foreign markets. Korean food has now won over Singapore, a gourmet capital. Arirang Today will visit Singapore to see how Korean food is gaining popularity.

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Japanese Convenience Food

0 Japanese Convenience FoodA short video showing a selection of Japanese style fast food items available at a store near our home in Shizuoka City, Japan. We often stop here on picnic days to pick up our lunch or on work days when we choose to take our lunch at our desks back at the office. These types of establishments are very popular in Japan and quite crowded during the evening and on weekends. The food is usually made fresh in a kitchen in back and each establishment may have its own specialty selections of ready made lunch boxes called “bento”. The bento at this restaurant are seen at the start of the video just after some trays of rice balls. Rice balls are hand-formed (molds are used too) balls of rice filled with something yummy and often covered with dry seaweed. A few of the most popular onigiri fillings include cooked salmon, tuna as well as salty pickled plums (my favorite!). The list goes on and on as onigiri are as popular with the Japanese as the Vegemite sandwich is with the Australians and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is with the Americans.

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Dramatic picture of a restaurant boat capsizing in China

0 Dramatic picture of a restaurant boat capsizing in ChinaThe moment a boat capsizes due to heavy rain is caught on camera, although fortunately everyone on board escaped unharmed. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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