November, 2011:

Chinese Restaurant Prank Call

0 Chinese Restaurant Prank CallJust prank calling a Chinese lady that worked in a Chinese Restaurant. She gets really frustrated and starts to go crazy.

Duration : 0:17:36


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Sen Restaurant Hanoi, Vietnam

0 Sen Restaurant Hanoi, VietnamSen restaurant in Hanoi (Que Restaurant) offers delicious vietnamese foods and western food in a bucolic environment… gracious people

Duration : 0:1:5


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Learn Thai – Restaurant Conversation 2

0 Learn Thai   Restaurant Conversation 2Easy conversation at the Thai Restaurant. Learn how to order food, order a bill in Thai.

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Duration : 0:3:43


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The authentic Korean barbecue restaurant in New York City.

0 The authentic Korean barbecue restaurant in New York City.
10 West 32nd Street New York, NY 10001
Tel 212-594-4963
[email protected]

miss Korea BBQ, the authentic Korean barbecue restaurant in New York City, provides the finest quality of Korean cuisine and the most lovely dining experience to both locals and tourists. Its signature ‘Clay Pot Kalbi’ which is marinated in a special clay pot to preserve the meat over 48 hours with nano technology resulting in juicy and tender texture of beef harmonically pairs with the deliberately selected lists of premium sakes and Korean traditional drinks. See you at miss Korea!

Duration : 0:1:3


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Tasty Japanese Ryokan Food!

0 Tasty Japanese Ryokan Food!Check out our playlists for hundreds more Japan videos!

Duration : 0:4:12


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Chinese Food and White People

0 Chinese Food and White People

Duration : 0:2:33


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Build a Successful Online Business by Blogging

Rank algorithm update from google weeded out a lot of good or bad websites,   in the hope of offering it’s search users better results, according to their official blog, this change impacts 11.8% organic search results, put it this way, google thinks about 12% of it’s search results are really bad and need to manipulated. They planned and started the update about one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, but almost all the ranks promoted by articles and blog posts were not affected, and a few of them even gained a few positions, it’s safe to say that old way of link building is doomed.

What is old way of link building any way? a lot of marketing companies did and are doing the plain link building, they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, these websites will only be updated when new links are being added, and most of them are useless, the name link spamming are just for these sites. The latest google update will definitely downgrade most if not all of these sites, the links on those spamming sites won’t work anymore.  

A few real world examples will help to explain what I said. In the very beginning, I didn’t know better, I started promote the keyword, Car Tie Down, of course with old way of link building, a lot of sites I used had too many links, and those sites had only links, no real content at all. In the beginning, the ranking of the keyword in question rise pretty fast, eventually the keyword could be found on first page,   the honeymoon lasted until google changed it’s mind. Here is another keyword, chain pullers, we put the link in relevant context, with very few plain links, the rank for this keyword is making me real happy. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? In fact the only thing matters here is content, so if you create great content, you will attract readers as well as search engines. It’s never too late to build good blogs for business purpose, for instance let’s examine this one, top smartphone 2011 , I build it as a hobby and kept adding good or mediocre content, now it can even rank the highly competitive keywords. As we can see, blog marketing with great content is the way to go. Now imagine you have your own blog network, for instance trucking accessories, then you will have a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

Remember content is king, you just need to create content, share the content with people, in the mean time advertise your business with your content, as long as you don’t stop doing this, you will win over customers and search engines. Persistence and patience are the keys to success, nothing will automatically improve overnight, i.e., selling online or improve your search rankings, now all we have to do is to give our love for creating and sharing quality content and not to worry about the ranking all the time. Ezine is one of the best article directories out there, google will index a new article on ezine promptly, popular blogs will get your post indexed as soon as you post it, I believe you should see for yourself, like this camo blankets , good writing, interesting content, indexed and cached, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

By the way, if you don’t take social media account, you’re lost. For wordpress blogs, I recommend twitter tools, then go ahead register a new twitter account and app, configure your twitter tools prpperly, you should choose to post a tweet for every new post, it’s easy and really useful, no one should miss this tool out.

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Vietnam Saigon Restaurant Food

0 Vietnam Saigon Restaurant FoodSieht zwar komisch aus is aber lustig und lecker. (looks like bad but it´s funny and mmmmmmmmh.)

Duration : 0:6:29


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THAI FOOD How to make “Pad Thai” with Chicken Recipe

0 THAI FOOD How to make Pad Thai with Chicken RecipePlease Like Us –

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Pad Thai is the most popular noodle dish in the world. In this video we make 2 servings using CurrySimple’s Pad Thai sauce. The sauce is made in Thailand with perfect combination of Oyster Sauce, Palm Sugar, Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Tamarind and Shallots.

16 oz Chicken Breast
8 oz Thai Rice Noodles 3 MM (dry)
4 oz CurrySimple Pad Thai Sauce
3 eggs

Duration : 0:2:6


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All You Can Eat – Korean BBQ – Moo Dae Po #2 Ktown

0 All You Can Eat   Korean BBQ   Moo Dae Po #2 KtownGrubbin on some bomb korean bbq, getting mighty fat and full on greasy delicious pieces of cow, pig, and sea animals!

Duration : 0:0:33


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