April, 2012:

Can anyone recommends me a good thai restaurant in Toronto?

I need to know some great restaurants with Thai foods in GTA. I am a big lover of Thai foods! Please give me recommend good tips+address. Thanks.

Definitely Salad King /335 Yonge St./ great thai pasta!!
and of course Mengrai Thai /82 Ontario Street/

You can see some reviews: http://jamiesarner.com/toronto-life/2011/07/thai-restaurant-toronto/

What do you order at a japanese restaurant?

Tonight my husband is treating me to my favourite Japanese Restaurant
I’ll be having prawn katsu, edamame, ebi chili men, yaki soba…mmmmmmmm maybe gyoza as well


Would anything happen if I call a local chinese restaurant and place a fake order?

I would place an order of something and when they ask for my phone number, i would give them a number to another Chinese Restaurant pretending that it’s actually my number. Would anything happen if I do this or if perhaps I give them the number to someone I know and want to pull a joke on by doing this?

They would probably end up, after calling the fake number, press re-dial on their phone and if you call as a private number, you won’t be getting your order. They will also probably ask for your credit card number or address as well, and they know if it is a fake credit card number. It could be funny, but try not to actually give the restaurant any real/fake info. Oh and they probably won’t call the cops or anything so that won’t be much of a big deal. Hope this was helpful!

best vietnam restaurant in ho ching minh?

here is the website below that might helps you to decide where to eat in HCMC for restaurants…the ranking and rating for each restaurant ranging from 1 thru 445..good luck


What to eat at Thai Restaurant without getting sick?

Every time I consume Thai food I get sick and have diarrhea. Is there something I could eat at a Thai Restaurant that would not end in this scenario? A salad perhaps?

probably the spicy chili sauce/paste they use. just have them make your dish without spices

I have never been to a Japanese restaurant. Am I missing something good?

In other words, have you been to a Japanese Restaurant and would you recommend it?

yes, try it’ good food"

What would happen if I call a chinese restaurant, order food, then give them another chinese restaurant number?

So if I call one of the Chinese Restaurants in town, place an order to go, they’ll ask me for my phone number. Would anything happen if I give them the number to another chinese restaurant in town? This would be intended as a prank

fei chung how

Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant Hanoi Vietnam

0 Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant Hanoi VietnamCha Ca La Vong in Hanoi is one of the most unique restaurants which is over a hundred years old and still run by the family. Located on Cha Ca Road in the Old Quarter, this is one place you MUST visit when in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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BBQ @ Doorae Korean Food Restaurant Sukhumvit Plaza by Asoke BTS – Phil in Bangkok

0 BBQ @ Doorae Korean Food Restaurant Sukhumvit Plaza by Asoke BTS   Phil in Bangkokhttp://www.WhyWindowsPhone.com http://www.PhilinBangkok.com http://www.facebook.com/philinbangkok http://www.IMInfoBlog.com
For the first time I go to Korea Town at Sukhumvit Plaza by Asoke BTS Station, there are about a dozen Korean Restaurants there and an Italian one. Doorae was recommended by a friend and glad we went there as the whole dinner was great. I found it interesting that the staff do all the cooking for you at your table, I eat out everyday and was actually looking forward to cooking LOL I really loved the sauces and chili to put with meats in the lettuce biting in the explosion of flavor was a symphony playing in my mouth. The Kim Chee was very fresh and delicious along with the potato salad and salad. The squid was cooked perfectly and the sauce was awesome. The Kim Chee Tuna soup was very interesting as I thought it would be mostly Kim Chee taste and the tuna flavor drowned out but I was wrong it was the perfect balance and very tasty. Check out Doorae and enjoy the food and the process making it

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RE-MENT miniature collection #1 – Restaurant

0 RE MENT miniature collection #1   Restaurant(1) The old series made in 2002-2006 have been discontinued. RE-MENT sells new series constantly. If someone have dead stock you can buy the old series. I bought them in 2006.
(2) It cost me 263 yen per set.
(3) They are not magnets.
العاب يابانيه اطفال

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