May, 2012:

Cơm Gà Rộti (Vietnamese 5 Spice Roasted Chicken)

0 Cơm Gà Rộti (Vietnamese 5 Spice Roasted Chicken)I have eaten birds from all over the world, both mythical and real. This legendary chicken recipe, a classic Vietnamese dish that has powered the success of many restaurants, is the most flavorful fowl I’ve ever had the good fortune to sink my teeth into. So good my teeth wanted to stay stuck in the chicken! It will regrow the hair on your head it’s so divinely tasty. Dear Great Pumpkin, when I die stuff some in my mouth and I will rise again like a phoenix. Its secrets are now bequeathed to you. Use it wisely.

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Vegetarian Thai Food at MBK Food Court in Bangkok, Thailand

0 Vegetarian Thai Food at MBK Food Court in Bangkok, ThailandGet your copy of the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide: (Click Here)

The Food Court at the popular MBK shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand offers a pretty decent restaurant that serves vegetarian Thai food!

Sampling the vegetarian Thai food stall at the food court in mega MBK shopping center in Bangkok.

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Korean Cuisine – KimBap by Bang & Jennifer

0 Korean Cuisine   KimBap by Bang & JenniferIt’s KimBap! This is a simple dish that you can enjoy ANYWHERE! Take it on a picnic, as a road trip snack, or even just as lunch! We made the standard kimbap and also a breakfast kimbap. Enjoy!

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Ramsay’s Best Chinese Restaurant – Result

0 Ramsays Best Chinese Restaurant   ResultGordon Ramsay reveals the who will go through to the next stage of the competition.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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The official Youtube channel of Gordon Ramsay with exclusive clips from a selection shows including Cook-a-long Live, Gordon’s Great Escape and more.

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Kim Son Restaurant – La Minh Trí Cooking Mì Vịt Tiềm

0 Kim Son Restaurant   La Minh Trí Cooking Mì Vịt TiềmWe wish to thank you for coming to Kim Son Restaurant and honoring us with your continued support. Through your visit to Kim Son, we hope you will experience the warmth, tradition, and culinary treasures of Vietnam and her people. We have had more than 25 of years experience preparing dishes that are distinctive of our homeland.
We proudly use only the freshest ingredients and we continuously strive to improve the quality of both our food and service. Please feel free to tell us your opinion of our restaurant. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve and want to continue to provide only the best for you and your family.
“Mama La” is the secret ingredient behind the Kim Son Restaurants. Born in Vietnam, Kim Su Tran La, her husband, and their seven children arrived in Houston in 1980 after fleeing from Communist rule in their homeland. Armed with only her extensive knowledge of Vietnamese cooking – she had memorized more than 250 recipes from her mother-in-law – with her family support, she opened the second restaurant in Houston’s China Town in 1982 (The original Kim Son was located in Vinh Long and closed with the Communist takeover.)
Mama La’s recipes have won her the following of thousands of loyal fans and the admiration of many of the country’s top restaurant critics. Perennially voted “Best Vietnamese Restaurant” in Houston by the Houston Press, Kim Son has garnered praise in such prestigious magazines as Bon Appetit, Esquire, and Food & Wine. Today Mama La’s talents in the kitchen have been responsible for the Kim Son restaurant group growing in the Houston area. We hope to meet – or exceed – your expectations in our new restaurant.

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North Korean BBQ Restaurant Karaoke and Accordions Pyongyang April 2012

0 North Korean BBQ Restaurant Karaoke and Accordions Pyongyang April 2012Pyongyang, North Korea, DPRK – not quite what we expected at lunch. A Korean DIY BBQ, local people eating in the restaurant, then Karaoke North Korean pop, the usual party song, a Happy Birthday and even a Korean version of the Internationale…. complete with crowd participation

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UMI Japanese Fine Dining – HD

0 UMI Japanese Fine Dining   HDVideo Produced by: Amplified Media –

UMI was established with the goal of providing the highest quality Japanese cuisine and sushi in Western North Carolina. Elegant ambiance, healthful fresh food, and outstanding service makes UMI an exceptional dining experience. Come and enjoy a variety of deliciously cooked entrees, traditional sushi, and a wide range of organic and special sakes in an authentic Japanese atmosphere.

UMI was honored as 2009′s Best Restaurant in Hendersonville, reaffirming its reputation of having the best and freshest sushi available, incorporating locally grown produce and ingredients.

This summer, take advantage of UMI’s outdoor patio dining featuring live music, along with daily sushi & drink specials from a fully stocked bar. Lunch & dinner are served 7 days a week. Catering and convenient delivery services are also available.
UMI is located in Historic Downtown Hendersonville just minutes from I-26, off exit 49.

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Seinfeld :: Chinese Restaurant Missed Call

0 Seinfeld :: Chinese Restaurant Missed Callibsys1, ChineeseRestaurant, MissedCallSeinfeld :: Chinese Restaurant Missed Call

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Vietnamese Food – Broken Rice with Pork and Eggs – Day Nau An Com Tam Thit Bi Trung

0 Vietnamese Food   Broken Rice with Pork and Eggs   Day Nau An Com Tam Thit Bi TrungCơm Tấm Bì Sườn Trứng – This is one of my favorite dishes. Broken rice with pork, shredded pork skin and eggs. People are more familiar with fried rice as an Asian dish, but the Vietnamese have this special dish called Com Tam Thit Bi Trung, which is broken rice with pork, shredded pork skin and egg, served with fish sauce. There are many styles of rice dishes in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai but this dish is uniquely Vietnamese and has its own unique style and taste. I hope you like this video. Enjoy.

Day nau an com tam thit bi suon trungChinese Viet Nam Vietnamese restaurant nha hang com chien lap xuong van can cook day nau an com chien fried rice nha bep kitchen

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Thai Restaurant with Geoff Carter , Chaz & Sa

0 Thai Restaurant with Geoff Carter , Chaz & SaNice cheap food in one of the many Great restauarnts along the Sukhumvit Road.

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