June, 2013:

Traveling to which one of these countries is least expensive?

For a family of 4. We live in India.

We want to visit one of our neighbouring countries or other Asian countries. We’re thinking vietnam or perhaps thailand. Not very sure. This october-december.

It really depends on what you will be spending the most of your money on. Groceries are more expensive in Thailand, while eating at a restaurant is more expensive in Vietnam. Hotels are cheapest in Vietnam, so I would probably go with Vietnam. If you were thinking of a neighboring country, then they are usually about the same as Thailand. Some are a little more expensive though.

What are the pros and cons of working at a restaurant vs clothing store?

I’m on the job hunt and I’m curious to know which would be suited for me to work at. I’ve done a ton of volunteering(Second Harvest, Feed the Children, Color Run, Ronald McDonald House, Thriftsmart) and I’ve worked LP Field concessions as a runner and at the Po’boy stand and hosted at a small Thai Restaurant for a couple of weeks. Though I’ve done all this, my people skills aren’t quite the best seeing as I’m the introverted type. But I can’t let that deter me since I’ll be needing the money when I enter college in a couple months.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer this, I really appreciate it.

Pros: free food. I think that is about it… Lol
Cons: don’t make a lot of money, rely on tips. Boring.

Clothing store:
Pros: make some decent money, get a look on the hottest deals and clothes, discounts.
Cons: can be boring At times.

Are there any Korean restaurants in Hampshire if so please help me?

Looking for Korean Restaurants in Hampshire?
Hampshire England I was meant to say.

I’m sure there is, try to google or go online to search one in your location *

A good Japanese restaurant near Shinjuku station?

I need to find a good Japanese Restaurant near Shinjuku station (east exit).
A wheelchair needs to be able to get inside.

In Shinjuku, many buildings have very very small spaces and you or s/he may have a little hard time being in a wheelchair. In terms of accesibility, my recommendation is to go to restaurants inside the station. There is a department store called Lumine right beside the ticket gate of the east exit, and there is two floors with restaurants which you’ll have plenty of choices. I have been to most of these and they were all good.

Lineup of Lumine restaurants


But Lumine restaurants may be very crowded, so I picked up other suggestions. But perhaps it’ll be better if you could tell the restaurant that you have a wheelchair, because many Japanese restaurants have tatami-mat seat with low table. If you tell so in advance, they will prepare you a seats with higher table.

Yumeya – very Japanese style restaurant (5th floor, 3-36-10 Shinjuku,Tokyo 160-0022) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g493594/

Uobei – sushi and other seafood restaurant (B1 level, 3-35-10 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022)


What is your favourite chinese restaurant in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Vegas for the 8th year straight. I never found a decent chinese restaurant here.
Any local or vegas travelers that went to a good Chinese Restaurant?

It can be away up to 5km from the strip maximum.
Also, could you please list a little bit of the meals you enjoy the most at that place?


Wazuzu in Wynn/Encore http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/Restaurants/CasualDining/Wazuzu


It’s not strictly Chinese though, they also have Japanese, Korean and Thai food.