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American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese Food

0 American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese FoodIf you ever been to a Chinese Restaurant before more likely than not you have had American Chinese food. Ths is VERY different than real Chinese food which is typically found in authentic Chinese restaurants which typically only exist in cities where a lot of Chinese reside.

Here are some items of Chinese food that are considered American or Fake Chinese food:

General Tsao’s Chicken
Crab Rangoon
Anything with brocolli
Egg rolls
and of course the fortune cookie.

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Please can anyone gove me the recipe for chicken satay, Authentic chinese restaurant style recipe?

I used to order this at a local chinese restaurant until I moved. I’ve ordered it since and they just don’t get it right.

It’s like light brown/orange in colour, you can’t taste the peanut butter distinctively and I’ve since discovered possibly coconut milk is in it yet you can’t taste that either so they must use much. It’s quite spicy too with onions in it.

Please can a Chinese person please give me the actual recipe?

Thanks x

Well, for a start it isn’t actually a chinese dish so all either place will have is their own interpretation of an Indonesian dish. Add on to that the fact that the food served in Chinese Restaurants is highly regionalised in the UK so the chances of you getting this dish done the same was is infinitesimally small.

If someone moved from where you are now to your old area they would probably have the exact same complaint about the chicken satay not being done correctly.

Even if someone on YA! gave you their recipe it is unlikely to be the same as your old place. Sorry, but such is life.

Best you can probably do is to try contacting your old place. They may use some base mix that you can buy and then adapt as you want.

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World Episode 2 -世界最大的中国餐馆2

0 The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World Episode 2  世界最大的中国餐馆2The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World Episode 2-世界最大的中国餐馆2

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How to find good chef for bengali and chinese restaurant in India?

I am planning to start a bengali plus chinese restaurant in bangalore and hyderabad. Please help me out

Try advertising in newspapers. If it is not possible, frequent the bengali and Chinese Restaurants in the nearby towns, taste the food, and if you like, ask for the cook’s name/contact details.

Hong Kong Food. Action in the Kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. Street Food

0 Hong Kong Food. Action in the Kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. Street Foodsettime2588 Kong Food. Action in the Kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. Street Food

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Best Chinese Restaurant: Yu & You Big Test – Gordon Ramsay

0 Best Chinese Restaurant: Yu & You Big Test   Gordon RamsayChinese Restaurant Yu & You, get put to the test by having to serve food in Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant, and impress 20 esteemed guests.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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What is your favourite chinese restaurant in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Vegas for the 8th year straight. I never found a decent chinese restaurant here.
Any local or vegas travelers that went to a good Chinese Restaurant?

It can be away up to 5km from the strip maximum.
Also, could you please list a little bit of the meals you enjoy the most at that place?


Wazuzu in Wynn/Encore

It’s not strictly Chinese though, they also have Japanese, Korean and Thai food.

Thai-Chinese Restaurant Las Vegas NV delivery take out cater

0 Thai Chinese Restaurant Las Vegas NV delivery take out caterLooking for a great night out? Check out Thai-Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have something for everyone, with healthy options for every palate, delivery, take out. Catering is also available. If you want to kick your night off right, stop by their bar and sample some of their exotic beverages.
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How to make soup thick – just like Chinese restaurant soup?

I love chicken and sweet corn soup from the Chinese Restaurant but was wondering how do you make the soup thick and gloppy?

After you finished cooking your soup, still boiling, make a mixture of corn flour and water, mix well. Then our the mixture into the soup and quickly stir. The soup will thicken. The ratio for a thick soup is one level tablespoon of corn flour with 2 tablespoon of water, stir until corn flour dissolved before adding to the boiling soup "

Mad-TV Stuart Goes To A Chinese Restaurant

0 Mad TV Stuart Goes To A Chinese RestaurantI own nothing no copyright infringement intended.

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