Japanese Restaurant

The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters

0 The automated Japanese restaurant without waitersSpencer Kelly takes a break from the Ceatec technology fair in Tokyo to have some lunch in a Japanese Restaurant with a difference.

The latest technology ensures food can be cooked to order and delivered to you by conveyor belt with your bill being calculated as you dispose of your used plates down a chute to be washed.

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Gordon Ramsay: How To Fail With Sushi

0 Gordon Ramsay: How To Fail With SushiGordon Ramsay is nervous and out of his depth as he tries his hand at sushi while on a visit to Aaya, the award winning Japanese Restaurant in London’s west end.

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Monkey waiter in Japanese Restaurant (collection)

0 Monkey waiter in Japanese Restaurant (collection)Monkey waiter in Japanese Restaurant (collection)

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Sake and Teriyaki at NYC’s Best New Japanese Restaurant Robataya

0 Sake and Teriyaki at NYCs Best New Japanese Restaurant RobatayaChristian Finnegan and Camille Ford taste organic and locally sourced dishes and have a paddle competition at one of Manhattan’s best Japanese Restaurants, Robataya.

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A good Japanese restaurant near Shinjuku station?

I need to find a good Japanese Restaurant near Shinjuku station (east exit).
A wheelchair needs to be able to get inside.

In Shinjuku, many buildings have very very small spaces and you or s/he may have a little hard time being in a wheelchair. In terms of accesibility, my recommendation is to go to restaurants inside the station. There is a department store called Lumine right beside the ticket gate of the east exit, and there is two floors with restaurants which you’ll have plenty of choices. I have been to most of these and they were all good.

Lineup of Lumine restaurants


But Lumine restaurants may be very crowded, so I picked up other suggestions. But perhaps it’ll be better if you could tell the restaurant that you have a wheelchair, because many Japanese restaurants have tatami-mat seat with low table. If you tell so in advance, they will prepare you a seats with higher table.

Yumeya – very Japanese style restaurant (5th floor, 3-36-10 Shinjuku,Tokyo 160-0022) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g493594/

Uobei – sushi and other seafood restaurant (B1 level, 3-35-10 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022)


How to Make Japanese Restaurant Salad Dressing : Different Tastes & Recipes

0 How to Make Japanese Restaurant Salad Dressing : Different Tastes & RecipesSubscribe Now:


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Japanese Restaurant salad dressing needs to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Find out how to make Japanese restaurant salad dressing with help from a resident chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Doreen Fang
Bio: Doreen Fang was a finalist on The Next Food Network Star.
Filmmaker: Doreen Fang

Series Description: It doesn’t take a lot of work to bring a variety of different tastes and styles into your kitchen. Spice up your life with a number of delicious tastes and recipes with help from a resident chef in this free video series.

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Shintori Japanese restaurant

0 Shintori Japanese restaurantSomboon Uraivattana, the manger of the new Japanese Restaurant Shintori, introduces the signature dishes that are prepared with finest ingredients and modern in presentation. Shintori on the 18th floor of Zen is decorated in minimalist style and completes with sushi bar, beverage and sake bar and a great view of downtown Bangkok.

Duration : 0:2:5


Jamie Kennedy Japanese Restaurant

0 Jamie Kennedy   Japanese RestaurantFunny stuff. A man is married to a Japanese woman and she makes fun of him in front of his face since he doesn’t know Japanese.

Duration : 0:14:45


Waku Waku Japanese – Language Lesson 11: Eating Out

0 Waku Waku Japanese   Language Lesson 11: Eating OutWaku Waku Japanese – Lesson 11: Eating Out




In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Konomi teaches words and phrases that will be useful in a restaurant. Learn how to describe the taste of food, how to ask what something is and the basic greetings you may receive when entering or exiting a store.

Irasshaimase – hello / welcome (entering restaurant/shop)

Kore wa nan desu ka? – What is this?

Oishii – delicious

Mazui – bad taste

Okaikei Onegaishimasu – check please

Gochisousama Deshita – thank you for the food

So next time you find yourself in a Japanese Restaurant, try out these words! You should be able to ask what’s on the menu, say how the food is, ask for the check and thank them for the food!

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Jikai mo tanoshimi ni, mata ne!


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Basic Japanese: Ordering at a Restaurant

0 Basic Japanese: Ordering at a RestaurantWhat other Japanese would you like to learn?
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