American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese Food

0 American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese FoodIf you ever been to a Chinese restaurant before more likely than not you have had American Chinese food. Ths is VERY different than real Chinese food which is typically found in authentic Chinese Restaurants which typically only exist in cities where a lot of Chinese reside.

Here are some items of Chinese food that are considered American or Fake Chinese food:

General Tsao’s Chicken
Crab Rangoon
Anything with brocolli
Egg rolls
and of course the fortune cookie.

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  1. ProChoiceJesus says:

    Another item that, …
    Another item that, I believe, is not traditional Chinese is the Egg Roll.
    In 3 times to China & always eating at traditional, non-touristy Chinese
    restaurants I’ve never seen one & I remember a Chinese telling me they did
    not exist in China.

  2. henry fu says:

    I have lived in …
    I have lived in China for 13 years…. Even though some of what they said
    were true, but I ate Broccoli and tomato almost every two days when I was

  3. S Levin says:

    Not shrimp toast

    Not shrimp toast

  4. Zu Wang says:

    fortune cookies … …
    fortune cookies ….hahhahahahah….that does not exist in China at all….

  5. domcha131 says:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  6. Andy Vander Weide says:

    And this is why …
    And this is why whenever Im trying to develop the Idiomatic expression
    “More American than Chinese Food”

  7. Vanessa James says:

    you can get fried …
    you can get fried wings at my local chinese place :P

  8. ダッチ 勝 says:

    Wow i learned alot …
    Wow i learned alot time to stop eating american and eat traditional real

  9. anomalyluna says:

    Thank god we aren’t …
    Thank god we aren’t consuming “real” chinese food. I don’t want my food
    cooked in “recycled” oil that comes from the gutter/sewer. I also don’t
    want to be sold an artificial egg, pork, beef, etc. These people are
    fucking ridiculous.

  10. maconsumner says:

    I can’t see how I …
    I can’t see how I would like it, I am of Scandinavian decent and have a
    rather bland pallet. My wife ordered it when I had a cold thinking it would
    clear out my sinuses, OMG, it sure did!!! LOL To me it tastes like pepper
    and vinegar. I will take a look at that vid, tks!!!

  11. pointlee says:

    yes they do have …
    yes they do have hot sour soup there with just slightly different taste,
    maybe you like to see this, search “A bite of China English subtitles” on

  12. maconsumner says:

    I guess then that I …
    I guess then that I like traditional Chinese then, I love chicken Lomein
    and order it every time my wife wants Chinese. She orders Rangoon too and I
    also know that the Chinese don’t really do too much dairy. She also likes
    that Hot and sour soup, I think just the smell of it is disgusting, is that

  13. maconsumner says:

    I don’t k now if …
    I don’t k now if this is true or not, but I read once that American Chinese
    food came about from Chinese immigrant Railroad workers who had limited
    access to items that went into traditional Chinese food so they adapted
    items that were accessible here into their traditional cooking. The people
    who came up with the ideas were of Chinese origin; so to say it’s not
    really Chinese food is not accurate if what I read about the subject is so.

  14. ProChoiceJesus says:

    In my travels to …
    In my travels to China I have always been amazed at the wonderful taste of
    “real” Chinese food. Especially at the smaller, out-of-the-way, non-tourist
    restaurants. No, don’t tell me what’s in it or where it came from! If it
    tastes good, I bless it and eat it. My most endearing Chinese restaurant
    (in China) memory is our group ordering a chicken dish at a place that had
    live chickens roaming around the restaurant. We actually got to choose our
    chicken, which was quickly slaughtered, cleaned, prepped & cooked as we
    watched from our table! Talk about fresh chicken! Yes, the food (& chicken
    dish) there was incredible!

  15. peter leer says:

    fortune cookies is …
    fortune cookies is a japanese invention XD

  16. pointlee says:

    l am born and raise …
    l am born and raise there til 18 yo, and came to US 1996. so base on my own
    knowledge: out of those 3 dishes, only Lomein is traditional

  17. GooseHinson says:

    Pretty sure egg …
    Pretty sure egg rolls were invented in China.

  18. marqik says:

    ah, you hated on …
    ah, you hated on the Cantonese. What going on? Nice video!

  19. rickyzkz says:

    american chinese …
    american chinese food modified to be easy prepare

  20. Made_in_china2001 says:

    Everything is …
    Everything is coated in sweet and sour sauce. EVERYTHING.

  21. Byron Brown says:

    America is fat cuz …
    America is fat cuz we supply food to rest of the world,shame on us

  22. tannker45 says:

    Her name, in the …
    Her name, in the first tone, is “One yang”????

  23. YungxKizzy says:

    General Tso’s …
    General Tso’s chicken is so good.

  24. Cole Cameron says:

    panda express for …
    panda express for the win

  25. USNStalion says:

    America is a nation …
    America is a nation over everything, culture, food, people etc. that is
    what makes America a great nation.

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