Chinese Food

2 Chinese FoodDining with friends at a Chinese Restaurant

Duration : 0:1:16

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  1. madisonelectronic says:

    @HamadHHAG We …
    @HamadHHAG We Americans get fat sitting in front of youtube watching our soldiers killing sand niggers.

  2. HamadHHAG says:

    now i know why …
    now i know why americans gets fat

  3. yongteikseng says:

    just like ants

    just like ants

  4. KiooMyAss says:


  5. madisonelectronic says:

    Bottom right bald …
    Bottom right bald headed is a real hog.

  6. 180Taco says:

    @e0210050 sry cant …
    @e0210050 sry cant understand i dont speak french

  7. RedAvery1 says:

    @tlapse i want to …
    @tlapse i want to live in cali :(

  8. xXOwnigerXx says:

    @freddy77777 im not …
    @freddy77777 im not racist, but i agree. a dog is a loyal animal, trainable, do you eat your horse? or your best friend? because dogs are mans best friend.

  9. MONiKA5570 says:

    @e0210050 o_0
    @e0210050 o_0

  10. forrestkey says:

    there is one iPhone …
    there is one iPhone app about chinese food named “handy chinese food menu”,which provide helps when you come to Chinese restraurants. Please check out if you have iPhone

  11. techdawg667 says:

    @jerminkhu well in …
    @jerminkhu well in china, we just call it “food”!

  12. EmoSkaterJenn says:

    that looks really …
    that looks really good rite now ;p

  13. HoSayLiaoLah says:

    One of the best …
    One of the best chinese food is shark fins. It is not cheap but anyong interested in chinese food should try it.

  14. dogstyle2222 says:

    food comes first …
    food comes first for me:P

  15. Elsi1986 says:

    fuck china

  16. Noslvation says:

    thats like saying …
    thats like saying anyone who eats a cow is inuman (just asking)

  17. freddy77777 says:

    Anyone who eats dog …
    Anyone who eats dog is a subhuman

  18. wuhlei says:

    every race has at …
    every race has at one point in time ate a dog or a type of dog.

  19. gowasurviver12345 says:

    that was over the …
    that was over the top

  20. Setpblock says:

    well, ur right
    i …

    well, ur right
    i was in a bad mood that day
    sry abt that

  21. sonicrulez300 says:

    dude wth is your …
    dude wth is your problem? Your overeacting just because of one comment that does not even say threats or anything
    btw s/he said he/r family forbids it,not saying dont like it sheesh

  22. Setpblock says:

    Hellen19861028 you …
    Hellen19861028 you stupid motherfucker
    you are a chink and you don’t like your food, fine then go urself
    im an american and i love chinese food
    what the fuck, is your problem?
    you balls drop off ?
    why don’t you go your sister a little bit longer and come back here n some more, you you redneck
    kiss my ass

    i just love it love it love it
    clip make me drivel

  23. muyuren says:


  24. Hellen19861028 says:

    In fact, dog is …
    In fact, dog is said to be very delicious and good to our health when eat in the winter.
    But only a quite small part of people like it. I don’ t know why.
    My family forbid us to eat dogs.

  25. loveinbabyCN says:


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