0 CHINESE RESTAURANT ~ HOUSE OF CHAN CHINESE FOODTake a simple tour, The House of Chan Chinese Restaurant, very good Chinese food, Buffet, menu ordering. Also American food. When you’re passing through Kingman AZ, stop on in. Also a lounge serving cocktails. The owners are a Chinese family. A family owned authentic / genuine Chinese Food right here at the House of Chan Chinese Restaurant.

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  1. kcmall says:

    Is this the Chinese …
    Is this the Chinese Restaurant that Conan O’Brien worked as a Chinese Food Delivery Boy? That’s not NYC huh …Anyway, I’m feeling hungry, I think I’ll call up and order some Chinese fast food today.

  2. MarkAllenChannel says:

    @kcmall I doubt …
    @kcmall I doubt that Conan Obrien has eaten here or worked here, as this is humble Kingman Arizona 100 miles from Las Vegas NV. But yes, call them up, they have a nice chinese food menu, catering service, etc. I like to eat here and other times over at the Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Food Retaurant in town for cantonese dishes, orange chicken, beijing beef and brocolli, honey walnut shrimp, barbecue pork, chow mein, and others.

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