Diamond Rugs – “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant”

0 Diamond Rugs   Christmas In A Chinese Restaurantpartisanrecordshttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/partisanrecordsMusicDiamond Rugs, Deer Tick, John McCauley, Partisan RecordsDiamond Rugs – “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant

Duration : 0:4:41

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  1. TheAgelfuso says:

    so great
    so great

  2. lumaz71 says:


  3. WhitneyThree says:

    Fosters beer and …
    Fosters beer and chinese food! 

  4. gratefulashley3 says:



  5. killabeez321 says:

    Awesome song! can’t …
    Awesome song! can’t wait til the show tomorrow!

  6. chuxtrux says:

    it’s refreshing to …
    it’s refreshing to see/hear something so different and creative. it aint’ fm radio but it is entertaining and satisfying. well done indeed, chuck.

  7. 1949sadie says:

    Friggin love this …
    Friggin love this song – magic marker tears of self pity. Twas the Christmas he’ll never forget

  8. IndefiniteDyad says:

    “They cut me off …
    “They cut me off from alcohol,” now that’s just a cruel topper! lol… I don’t know how that sharpie didn’t burn your eyes! Or did it… ?

  9. WonderlustStrike says:

    Haaah, bitchin’.

    Haaah, bitchin’.

    “I can’t finish my moo goo gai pan,” good rhyme sir, good rhyme.

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