How to Eat Chinese Takeout, Like a Boss

0 How to Eat Chinese Takeout, Like a Boss…that moment you realize your Chinese takeout box is a Transformer.

Video by @philgorgeous



Featuring: @elieayrouth
Music: “Oriental Sunset” by Kindread (

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  1. Duo Dynamo says:

    Well, duh
    Well, duh

  2. jmr218 says:

    So many problems… …
    So many problems…THANKS OBAMA

  3. Lema John says:

  4. LetsSayOutSanity says:

    Your instructions …
    Your instructions weren’t clear enough the chopstick went through my eye

  5. BuffbillXxx says:

    I prefer cream of …
    I prefer cream of sum yung guy. Theres1:05 of my life I won’t get back. Ba ba booie ba ba booie

  6. ObscureChan says:

    Was he trying to …
    Was he trying to seduce us all at the end of the video?
    Cause if he was, it worked.

  7. SFMonster says:

    Why would you need …
    Why would you need a different container?

  8. Michael Yan says:

    my mind is blown
    my mind is blown

  9. jt58612 says:

    Sorry, foodbeast, …
    Sorry, foodbeast, but this video was reaching. All your other videos rocked my world, but this one was a fail.

  10. suhwhutdee says:

    if it had been a …
    if it had been a choice between the gong and lighting yourself on fire you should have gone w/fire

  11. acedece14 says:


  12. 成 黄 says:

    哈哈哈,使用筷子很纠结啊,嗯看着很美味 …

  13. whiskey labido says:


  14. H5N1css says:

    And now I am hungry …
    And now I am hungry.

  15. Sam Pie says:

    This made me really …
    This made me really want some lo-mein .. fuck

  16. SokHomRocks says:

    great tip. i never …
    great tip. i never knew that by unfolding the box i can instantly use chopsticks perfectly

  17. Lema John says:

  18. RealAvatarGoolge says:


  19. nyg954123 says:

    More like how to …
    More like how to eat take out like a jackass

  20. Domexpo says:

    I watched most of …
    I watched most of the videos on this channel, and this one is just stupid. It’s the equivalent of CHOW’s doritos consomme.

  21. Sickapig says:

    My life has been a …
    My life has been a lie. All these years. Wasted..

  22. Ihasangerissues says:

    Use a fork for …
    Use a fork for christ sake…and if pouring it onto a plate is that hard for you, just use a bowl. I guess the idea was sorta interesting, but it’s just so pointless that I couldn’t even find humor in it

  23. VelmaDear says:


  24. alwayscommenting56 says:

    I LOVE your replies
    I LOVE your replies

  25. leonel1982 says:

    Well when you put …
    Well when you put it that way, a little stereotypical music is a small price to pay!

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