Montreal Restaurant Brawl

0 Montreal Restaurant Brawltsgvideoplace Restaurant, Montreal1Montreal Restaurant Brawl

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  1. mecortoo says:

    Those chicks at the …
    Those chicks at the left are craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

  2. Yurochka85 says:

    @TheCalliopeice …
    @TheCalliopeice They aren’t “African Americans” if they’re Canadian.

  3. lookatme222 says:

    thats not how u …
    thats not how u throw a plate. ugh noobs

  4. kenzcompany says:

    They’re having …
    They’re having sooooo much fun

  5. MrRodas777 says:

    And still some …
    And still some people belive that we’re not related to chimps…here’s your proof.

  6. ExplicitSP33D says:

    @CholeraNinja I …
    @CholeraNinja I love you.

  7. CholeraNinja says:

    Oh god it’s like …
    Oh god it’s like an old western movie

  8. beeqool says:

    meanwhile on media …
    meanwhile on media – multiculturalism is great lets endorse it

  9. dirtknees says:

    lulz… all the …
    lulz… all the azns are smashing their families restaurant up, I would pick up a fork and all y’all up.

  10. MutinyEvo says:

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  11. gustav63 says:

    No more …
    No more multiculturalism! Obey the law, get the right! No more low-qualified immigrants!


  12. gustav63 says:

    They are all idiots …
    They are all idiots, but Chinks are the worst in the world. If they died extinct, the whole planet may be more positive ever for the rest of human beings to be survived.


  13. Bulgarisun says:

    @Illuminatus116 …
    @Illuminatus116 stfu loser suck a dick like you whore mother

  14. Illuminatus116 says:

    Niggers need to …
    need to learn how to behave.

  15. Bulgarisun says:

    @Snoop450 Hey …
    @Snoop450 Hey snoopy I dont neet people on my channel loser. You think i m here to make friends like you snoopy wanna be eminem sucker. Someone should remove you from youtube stupid goblin Skank. Stop giving oral sex to chinks they wont give you a meal ahahahaahah

  16. SugarofChocolate says:

    @Snoop450 C’est pas …
    @Snoop450 C’est pas parce qu’il sont noirs qu’ils sont mauvais. J’ai des amis noirs qui foutent pas de trouble comme ça. C’est juste des stéréotypes. C’est pas tous les noirs qui sont comme ça. Moi je suis Colombienne et je consomme pas de cocaïne et je connais personne qui en fabrique là-bas. Oui il y a de la cocaïne, mais pas partout. C’est un stéréotype. Comme les noirs qui foutent le trouble. Arrêtez de les critiquer et de faire des commentaires racistes. Merci

  17. set972 says:

    @Snoop450 your …
    @Snoop450 your french .. you should be the last to talk

  18. set972 says:

    montreal peppers
    montreal peppers

  19. peaceandamrit says:

    fine dining 
    fine dining 

  20. jeremystery says:

    what is this snoop …
    what is this snoop bitch doing wanking o in the comments section?

  21. Bulgarisun says:

    @Snoop450 Why …
    @Snoop450 Why snoopy wont replay to my question ? lil son of bitch, why you have so much black music in you channel if you hate them? try that turn off you caps farmer ahaha. Hey snoopy wanna be eminem you workde in China town as hooker ahaha. The chinese sold you like ahahah. Crip’s associate make you wet wanna be gangsta lol

  22. Snoop450 says:

    @Snoop450 Les H.A …
    @Snoop450 Les H.A et les Italiens commence le menage bien vite…… anyway ils va voir des étendu sur mon entrée de garage

  23. Snoop450 says:

    @SugarofChocolate …
    @SugarofChocolate OuIAS je sais mais je connais ce restaurant dans le China Town pour y avoir travaillé longtemps…… Les chinois sont dans leur quartier et les negres qui fou le trouble comme de l’habitude comme ca j’ai aucun remord pour cette race qui est en train de detruire notre peuple…. quil reste dans leur bidon ville XD inbred de aller coupé votre canne a sucre

  24. Snoop450 says:


  25. Snoop450 says:

    Is finish no time …
    Is finish no time for lose for impure races BYE BUY YOU LIFE FAKE GANGSTER XD

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