Mr Pregnant Prank Calls Chinese Restaurant “Oxtail”

0 Mr Pregnant Prank Calls Chinese Restaurant OxtailMr Pregnant The Internet Legend.

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Forward clip to 14.12 minutes to see my interview.

Duration : 0:3:17

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  1. speedstackerdude101 says:

    i like it when he …
    i like it when he thinks its funny

  2. teslaf654 says:


  3. teslaf654 says:


  4. MegaPhotographer says:

    did he say donkey …
    did he say donkey suace?

  5. TopGunModz says:

    im so surprised he …
    im so surprised he aint arrested lol who agrees

  6. morganfinley3 says:

    Pot Head! …
    Pot Head! Literally.

  7. SlotGlassesGuy says:

    RICE AND …

  8. mahadthaking says:

    shit the teeth r …
    the teeth r fake

  9. SlumberCloud says:

    you are great at …
    you are great at making a fool of yourself..idiot

  10. annabanna5 says:

    omg i just wanna …
    omg i just wanna get a hammer and hammer his teeth toghter they r messed

  11. ryanomg1 says:

    fake teeth
    fake teeth

  12. Frenky158 says:

    Damn some ugly …
    some ugly moyher$ucker,,,lol

  13. dawa35 says:

    Good try, but not …
    Good try, but not funny at all.

  14. MrBlasianDude says:

    i loled …
    i loled when the phone kept switching people

  15. 241TOPPER says:

    popeye mother …
    popeye mother fucker, your is not funny…retard

  16. TheZanbon says:

    Pot head. Litteraly …
    Pot head. Litteraly. lol

  17. wafflelovesyou3 says:

    You neeed to start …
    You neeed to start wearing your shirt hunn(: Kthnx

  18. sexypimp77777 says:

    lmfao nice

    lmfao nice

  19. linepros says:

    Helloo????Hello???? …
    Helloo????Hello?????Hello?????!!!!! lmfao

  20. L666Lunn says:

    your teeth nearly …
    your teeth nearly fell out LOL

  21. lovebug20136 says:

    wow yeah asom right …
    wow yeah asom right!!

  22. ctlovespranks says:

    U SUCK
    U SUCK

  23. wejewsdid911HAHAHA89 says:

    not funny nigger
    not funny nigger

  24. BronxKiid810 says:

    yuhhh corneyyy!
    yuhhh corneyyy!

  25. PatiMJ4ever says:

    O,O wtf
    O,O wtf

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