Restaurant Information We Find You The Right Restaurant Fri, 15 Nov 2013 09:00:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How much to live in Thailand and Vietnam for 1 yr? /vietnam-restaurant/how-much-to-live-in-thailand-and-vietnam-for-1-yr /vietnam-restaurant/how-much-to-live-in-thailand-and-vietnam-for-1-yr#comments Fri, 15 Nov 2013 09:00:41 +0000 admin /vietnam-restaurant/how-much-to-live-in-thailand-and-vietnam-for-1-yr I would like to spend 6 months in Thailand followed by another 4-6 months split between Vietnam and some other place in Southeast Asia. I was wondering how much money I would need for this year abroad? I know there are a lot of variables which can drastically effect the amount of money needed so here are some details about me as well as what I am looking for. I will be taking some pretty serious classes online during this time so I will not be partying too much, I am fine finding a city and staying there for the full 6 months (for Thailand I have heard good things about Chiang Mai), I would like to stay in private accommodations either guesthouses or apartments (probably prefer apartment), I like to eat out quite a bit, I will be traveling alone, and I absolutely need a good internet connection wherever I am.

Hi – If you hunker down in Chiang Mai, I know of a friend in a pretty decent 1 bedroom apartment for $200 w/internet included. A studio would be $125 in the same building – street food is everywhere and very reasonable, $1-2 for a meal, though there are plenty of Western style restaurants around from fast food burger king to really decent places, none of which is cheap like Thai street food. – as noted, visa will be an issue. And as to Charles, there is one street on the outskirts of CM that has some upscale looking cafes, and he has decided that all of CM looks like America – which I have never heard from anyone else. So, you can easily stay under $500 a month – and the sky is the limit from there.. if you want further info, you can contact me… I live a few hours away from CM and visit there regularly and have many friends there too…

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What does it mean if a girl want to introduce you to a group of people? /korean-restaurant/what-does-it-mean-if-a-girl-want-to-introduce-you-to-a-group-of-people /korean-restaurant/what-does-it-mean-if-a-girl-want-to-introduce-you-to-a-group-of-people#comments Fri, 15 Nov 2013 09:00:27 +0000 admin /korean-restaurant/what-does-it-mean-if-a-girl-want-to-introduce-you-to-a-group-of-people I went out with her once, I brought her some little gifts and took her to a Korean Restaurant. It was on the 7th of Sept. We haven’t talked for a while since. She invited a bunch of people for a event recently but I told her I couldn’t go because I have to work, I suggested we could meet up another time in the future for sushi. I also told her I miss her and want to see her. She then suggested we could meet up next Wednesday for sushi, she also mentioned that she would like to introduce her friends to me and have a group dinner. What does that mean?

Hmm. It could mean that she wants to introduce her friends to you and have a group dinner. Or, it could mean that she wants to introduce her friends to you and have a group dinner. It’s all so confusing though, so maybe she just wants to she wants to introduce her friends to you and have a group dinner.

Women eh?!

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Delicious Vietnamese vegetarian feast at a local Vietnamese restaurant in Nha Trang, Vietnam /vietnam-restaurant/delicious-vietnamese-vegetarian-feast-at-a-local-vietnamese-restaurant-in-nha-trang-vietnam /vietnam-restaurant/delicious-vietnamese-vegetarian-feast-at-a-local-vietnamese-restaurant-in-nha-trang-vietnam#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:34:25 +0000 admin /vietnam-restaurant/delicious-vietnamese-vegetarian-feast-at-a-local-vietnamese-restaurant-in-nha-trang-vietnam 0 Delicious Vietnamese vegetarian feast at a local Vietnamese restaurant in Nha Trang, VietnamIn our latest travel video we go a quick little two minute jaunt from our guest house over to Au Lac Restaurant for a delicious Vietnamese vegetarian feast in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

This popular little Vietnamese eatery was packed with locals enjoying cheap and affordable lunches. Recommended to us from other travelers, we felt lucky the eatery was located so close to our guest house which was on a bit on the outskirts from the most popular area of the city.

The central idea of this restaurant is that there is no menu, one just gets a plate of rice covered by a generous portion of vegetables and tofu dishes along with a cucumber based soup. It’s kind of a refreshing change not having to scour over a menu in search of an exact item; the only other time I can vividly remember doing this was when I was at a popular restaurant in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This entire meal cost only 35,000 Vietnamese Dong which at the time of publication is only $1.75 USD. Considering Nha Trang is very much a touristy beach city, prices tend to be higher here relative to other parts of Vietnam which made this meal seem like an absolute steal of a deal. Considering how tasty it was it should come as no surprised that we came back often.

While tantalizing our taste buds Audrey proclaimed, “This is the best tofu I’ve ever had.” I honestly can’t think of many (if any) better budget value meals that this. This just proves that if you’re willing to get off of the tourist zone you can find delicious and affordable meals for a fraction of the cost you’d be on the main strip.

If one is backpacking and looking to save money I highly recommend checking our local eateries (such as this one) for gormandizing pleasure at rock bottom prices. We were certainly satisfied beyond our initial expectations:

Trong video du lịch mới nhất của chúng tôi, chúng tôi đi một chút hai phút đi chơi nhanh chóng từ nhà khách của chúng tôi qua nhà hàng Âu Lạc cho một bữa tiệc chay Việt thơm ngon tại Nha Trang, Việt Nam.

Điều này phổ biến ít quán ăn Việt Nam được đóng gói với người dân địa phương thưởng thức bữa ăn trưa giá rẻ và giá cả phải chăng. Nghị cho chúng tôi từ khách du lịch khác, chúng tôi cảm thấy may mắn quán ăn nằm rất gần với nhà khách của chúng tôi mà là trên một chút ở ngoại ô từ khu vực nổi tiếng nhất của thành phố.

Ý tưởng trung tâm của nhà hàng này là không có thực đơn, một trong những chỉ được một đĩa cơm bao phủ bởi một phần hào phóng của các loại rau và các món ăn đậu phụ cùng với một canh dựa trên dưa chuột. Đó là loại một thay đổi làm mới không phải sói trên một trình đơn để tìm kiếm một mục chính xác, chỉ thời gian khác tôi sinh động có thể nhớ làm điều này là khi tôi đang ở một nhà hàng nổi tiếng ở Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Toàn bộ bữa ăn này có giá chỉ 35.000 đồng Việt Nam mà tại thời điểm công bố là chỉ có $ 1.75 USD. Xem xét Nha Trang là có rất nhiều thành phố bãi biển khách du lịch, giá cả có xu hướng cao hơn ở đây liên quan đến các bộ phận khác của Việt Nam khiến cho bữa ăn này dường như là một tuyệt đối ăn cắp của một thỏa thuận. Xem xét cách ngon đó là nó sẽ đến như là không ngạc nhiên mà chúng ta thường trở lại.

This is part of our Travel in Vietnam series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese arts, Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese religion and Vietnamese people.

Proudly presented by: , , &

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

This video features the song ”Electrodoodle – Kevin Macleod” available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.

Duration : 0:2:49

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Best Thai Food in New York! Jaiya Restaurant on the Upper East Side and Gramercy! /thai-restaurant/best-thai-food-in-new-york-jaiya-restaurant-on-the-upper-east-side-and-gramercy /thai-restaurant/best-thai-food-in-new-york-jaiya-restaurant-on-the-upper-east-side-and-gramercy#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:34:24 +0000 admin /thai-restaurant/best-thai-food-in-new-york-jaiya-restaurant-on-the-upper-east-side-and-gramercy 0 Best Thai Food in New York! Jaiya Restaurant on the Upper East Side and Gramercy!Thousands of New Yorkers are talking about Jaiya Restaurant! It is being known all over the city as the best restaurant to get Thai Food! Jaiya Restaurant is located both on the Upper East Side and Gramercy in New York City! Jaiya has been in business for 36 years! Amazing! Make a reservation today or call 212.889.1330 for take out or delivery!

NEW YORK, NY 10016
T. 212.889.1330

NEW YORK, NY 10075
T. 212.717.8877

Duration : 0:8:17

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Eating Korean Fusion Food (Han’s Deli) Pasta, Chicken Fingers, Fries & Garlic Bread in Yongin, Korea /korean-restaurant/eating-korean-fusion-food-hans-deli-pasta-chicken-fingers-fries-garlic-bread-in-yongin-korea /korean-restaurant/eating-korean-fusion-food-hans-deli-pasta-chicken-fingers-fries-garlic-bread-in-yongin-korea#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:34:22 +0000 admin /korean-restaurant/eating-korean-fusion-food-hans-deli-pasta-chicken-fingers-fries-garlic-bread-in-yongin-korea 0 Eating Korean Fusion Food (Hans Deli) Pasta, Chicken Fingers, Fries & Garlic Bread in Yongin, KoreaIn this travel video we take you on a tour of our favourite fusion restaurant in Korea (Han’s Deli) where we order cheese over baked spaghetti, chicken fingers, assorted fries and garlic bread.

We were very satisfied and thrilled to have recently found a franchise located in Audrey’s district of Yongin. One of the servers who works there is thrilled whenever we drop by for lunch or dinner; he always offers us free soft drinks and other free small side dishes to go along with our meal. It’s no wonder we frequent Han’s Deli as much as we do! When he noticed we were taking pictures of our food and making a video, he came over to help us with it. You’ll notice him here in the video

The food at Han’s Deli is best described as western food with an added Korean twist. In Korea, these types of establishments are called ‘fusion’ restaurants. Although they don’t serve ‘authentic’ foreign food, it’s close enough most of the time. In fact, sometimes it’s even better than the original.

Han’s deli specializes in pastas — and boy do they ever pile on the cheese — and chicken dishes. Our cheese oven spaghetti was like an irrupting volcano of cheesy goodness. The chicken tenders lived up to their ‘tender’ name. The garlic bread was pretty close to being spot on authentic. Overall, the meal was delicious and quite filling given how big the portions were.

One of our favourite aspects of this Korean Restaurant is that it serves delicious western food at affordable prices. Many chains in Korea that serve western or foreign food are very expensive.

We enjoy our high carb meal paying less than $15 in total for it:

이 여행 비디오에서 우리는 한국에서 우리가 제일 좋아하는 퓨전 레스토랑 (한스 델리)의 투어에 당신을 가지고 어디 구운 스파게티, 치킨 손가락, 모듬 튀김, 마늘 빵에 순서 치즈.

우리는 매우 만족, 최근 용인의 오드리의 지구에 위치한 프랜차이즈를 발견하는 흥분되었다. 우리는 점심이나 저녁 식사로 드롭 할 때마다이 작동하는 서버 중 하나가 전율, 그는 항상 우리의 식사와 함께 갈 우리 무료 청량 음료와 다른 자유로운 호리 호리한 몸매의 요리를 제공합니다. 그것은 더 많은 우리처럼 우리가 자주 한강의 델리 궁금 없어요! 그는 우리가 우리 음식의 사진을 찍고 비디오를 만들고 있었다 발견했을 때, 그는 그것으로 우리를 도와왔다. 당신은 비디오;) 여기에 그를 알 수 있습니다

한강의 델리에서 음식을 가장 추가 한국 트위스트와 함께 양식으로 설명되어 있습니다. 한국에서는 사업장의 이러한 유형은 ‘융합’레스토랑이라고합니다. 그들이 ‘진짜’외국 음식을 제공하지 않지만, 그것은 대부분의 시간을 충분히 가까이있다. 사실, 때로는 원래보다 낫다.

한스 델리 파스타 전문 -와 소년들은 어느 치즈 더미 않습니다 – 그리고 닭 요리. 우리 치즈 오븐 스파게티 치즈 선한 irrupting 화산 같았다.치킨 텐더는 ‘부드러운’이름에 살았습니다.마늘 빵 정통에 자리 존재에 아주 가까이 있었다. 전반적으로, 식사는 맛 있었다 ​​그리고 아주 부분이 얼마나 큰 주어진 웁니다.

이 한식당 우리의 마음에 드는 부분 중 하나는 저렴한 가격에 맛있는 서양 음식을 제공한다는 것입니다. 서양이나 외국 음식을 제공 국내의 많은 체인은 매우 비싸다.

우리는 그것을 위해 총 $ 15 이하 지불 우리의 높은 탄수화물 식사를 즐기실 수 :

This is part of our Life in Korea series. As per usual, there is plenty of silly humor and bloopers at the end – signature moments of our travel videos.

Proudly presented by: , , &

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

Duration : 0:3:11

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The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters /japanese-restaurant/the-automated-japanese-restaurant-without-waiters /japanese-restaurant/the-automated-japanese-restaurant-without-waiters#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:34:20 +0000 admin /japanese-restaurant/the-automated-japanese-restaurant-without-waiters 0 The automated Japanese restaurant without waitersSpencer Kelly takes a break from the Ceatec technology fair in Tokyo to have some lunch in a Japanese Restaurant with a difference.

The latest technology ensures food can be cooked to order and delivered to you by conveyor belt with your bill being calculated as you dispose of your used plates down a chute to be washed.

Duration : 0:1:40

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American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese Food /chinese-restaurant/american-chinese-food-vs-real-chinese-food /chinese-restaurant/american-chinese-food-vs-real-chinese-food#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:34:18 +0000 admin /chinese-restaurant/american-chinese-food-vs-real-chinese-food 0 American Chinese Food vs Real Chinese FoodIf you ever been to a Chinese Restaurant before more likely than not you have had American Chinese food. Ths is VERY different than real Chinese food which is typically found in authentic Chinese restaurants which typically only exist in cities where a lot of Chinese reside.

Here are some items of Chinese food that are considered American or Fake Chinese food:

General Tsao’s Chicken
Crab Rangoon
Anything with brocolli
Egg rolls
and of course the fortune cookie.

Duration : 0:5:56

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Why does pho and other types of vietnamese dishes taste so better in vietnam? /vietnam-restaurant/why-does-pho-and-other-types-of-vietnamese-dishes-taste-so-better-in-vietnam /vietnam-restaurant/why-does-pho-and-other-types-of-vietnamese-dishes-taste-so-better-in-vietnam#comments Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:34:37 +0000 admin /vietnam-restaurant/why-does-pho-and-other-types-of-vietnamese-dishes-taste-so-better-in-vietnam I noticed during the time I was there that the pho and the hu tieu tastes so much better in vietnam than here in the states. Anybody got any idea why it tastes better ?

Probably because the chickens used to make the Chicken broth in Vietnam is made from chickens that have grown up eating only grass seeds, rice and had far greater room to move, therefore they are skinnier and naturally grown. The Chickens used in America are cage bred with grains which have growth hormones in them so the chickens grow faster and fatter so they can be sold earlier.

With the beef broth in America there is very little "offal" used unless the soup restaurant has a deal with a special abattoir or butcher who has a special order with the abattoir. In Vietnam there is a lot of offal and other meats used in the Pho. These give the broth a deeper, stronger flavour. Also, in the US the meat may be days, if not weeks old before being used while it is freshly killed in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The noodles made in America are made from American rice which tastes horrific compared with the rice species used in Vietnam and Cambodia (and Thailand). Even during the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War, the Cambodians and Vietnamese preferred to give the donated American rice to the pigs and chickens and spend hard earned money on the better local species of rice grains.

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Who ever been to a restaurant called Topokki in Birmingham, UK? /korean-restaurant/who-ever-been-to-a-restaurant-called-topokki-in-birmingham-uk /korean-restaurant/who-ever-been-to-a-restaurant-called-topokki-in-birmingham-uk#comments Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:34:23 +0000 admin /korean-restaurant/who-ever-been-to-a-restaurant-called-topokki-in-birmingham-uk Who’s ever been to a Korean Restaurant called Topokki in Birmingham, UK? because the staff are so friendly and the food there is really nice what do you think of it?

I’ve never been there, but from the reviews it seems pretty good.

I might give it a try myself.

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Please can anyone gove me the recipe for chicken satay, Authentic chinese restaurant style recipe? /chinese-restaurant/please-can-anyone-gove-me-the-recipe-for-chicken-satay-authentic-chinese-restaurant-style-recipe /chinese-restaurant/please-can-anyone-gove-me-the-recipe-for-chicken-satay-authentic-chinese-restaurant-style-recipe#comments Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:34:07 +0000 admin /chinese-restaurant/please-can-anyone-gove-me-the-recipe-for-chicken-satay-authentic-chinese-restaurant-style-recipe I used to order this at a local chinese restaurant until I moved. I’ve ordered it since and they just don’t get it right.

It’s like light brown/orange in colour, you can’t taste the peanut butter distinctively and I’ve since discovered possibly coconut milk is in it yet you can’t taste that either so they must use much. It’s quite spicy too with onions in it.

Please can a Chinese person please give me the actual recipe?

Thanks x

Well, for a start it isn’t actually a chinese dish so all either place will have is their own interpretation of an Indonesian dish. Add on to that the fact that the food served in Chinese Restaurants is highly regionalised in the UK so the chances of you getting this dish done the same was is infinitesimally small.

If someone moved from where you are now to your old area they would probably have the exact same complaint about the chicken satay not being done correctly.

Even if someone on YA! gave you their recipe it is unlikely to be the same as your old place. Sorry, but such is life.

Best you can probably do is to try contacting your old place. They may use some base mix that you can buy and then adapt as you want.

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