Benihana Japanese restaurant, New York City

2 Benihana Japanese restaurant, New York CityA skilled chef cooking for us at the Benihana Japanese Restaurant, in New York City, on April 2008.

Duration : 0:3:28

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  1. CarlaMills says:

    I just went today …
    I just went today the one in Buckhead in Atlanta..It was so good !!!!!!!!!!

  2. ardnega says:

    @shusui1976528 …
    @shusui1976528 probably why the Benihana restaurant group has locations worldwide.

  3. al821 says:

    wow…you actually …
    wow…you actually have real japanese people cooking. over here in the west coast, we got mexicans cooking our shit, and they’re given japanese names

  4. pedroj123 says:

    what were those …
    what were those white bun-like things?

  5. Priority64 says:

    Oh yeah! :D
    Oh yeah! :D

  6. shortfatandcrass says:

    Not impressed …
    Not impressed unless he can do all that he’s doing with a orange traffic cone up his ass.

  7. charii89 says:

    @shusui1976528 SHUT …
    @shusui1976528 SHUT THE UP!!!!

  8. Markmc88 says:

    Although he -IS- a …
    Although he -IS- a skilled chef, most, if not all, chefs at Benihana can replicate that.

  9. procomania says:

    owner and chef are …
    owner and chef are all chinese or korean

  10. kensan0809 says:

    Onion volcano is …
    Onion volcano is funny ! I want to try that by myself.

  11. Koroush51 says:

    Food looks good to …
    Food looks good to me :P

  12. shusui1976528 says:

    hahaha. Here is not …
    hahaha. Here is not place for enjyo meal. Only for show. They forgetting the mind for meals. Its very sad it call japanese restaurant…

  13. ownerofaiphone says:

    Cool I went there …
    Cool I went there too

  14. ErikWestrup says:


  15. penlix says:

    He was amazing …
    He was amazing indeed!

  16. shinichimiyamoto says:

    i used to work …
    i used to work there, that’s jimmy! he’s one of my fav. chefs there =]

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