Donnie Brasco – Japanese Restaurant Scene

2 Donnie Brasco   Japanese Restaurant SceneUndercover cop Donnie Brasco refuses to take off his shoes at a Japanese Restaurant since he has a hidden microphone in his boots.

Duration : 0:2:35

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  1. kalibos says:

    @NIN992 you know …
    @NIN992 you know what I don’t like

    characterizing an entire nation of over one hundred and twenty five million people as “weird little deviant freaks” because some of them have made PC games like that, or others have created up hentai

    I’m no weeaboo (in fact I don’t know any more about Japs than the typical westerner) but you’re just being an ignorant jackass

    get your head out of your ass

  2. vladimirobamaosama says:

    @cckrusty I’m …
    @cckrusty I’m AFraid is necesary

  3. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 Deviant …
    @NIN992 Deviant freaks,I kinda agreed you with that part.

  4. NIN992 says:


    two …

    two things to clear it up. I know the Japanese are smart and advanced as a society. What I don’t like is their deviant behavior. For instance they had a PC game that was readily available where you rape woman and children. Also hentai draws the girls like they’re twelve year olds. Point two is that I’m glad you’re proud to be Chinese. I have respect for the Chinese. It’s not Asians I dislike, just the Japanese for being weird little deviant freaks.

  5. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 Just let …
    @NIN992 Just let you know,after the world war 2,japan has changed,the japanese are more nice and kind these day,they are the most advanced country in Asia.I hate people said asian people are stupid and shit.They are a bunch of useless fuck.

  6. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 I curse you …
    @NIN992 I curse you,you curse me,who win?no one,you thought you win,and I thought I win,can we stop now? And please,Im proud that Im chinese.Don’t be a racist.

  7. NIN992 says:


    hit a …

    hit a chord. You sure are a Japanese wannabe aren’t you. My grandfather was a great man who never went to Japan. He was fighting the German front. Never came into contact with the Japanese. Also he never cared for the Japanese. He would never touch them much less rape one of them. Old Jerk? dude I’m 18, how is that old? You’re trying to throw this on me when my stance on Japan is clear. Just because you feel you were born the wrong race, doesn’t mean you should accuse others of it.

  8. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 Still I’m …
    @NIN992 Still I’m sticking to the other statements.

  9. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 ? hmm?Im …
    @NIN992 ? hmm?Im Japanese wannabe? I mean,what the are you talking about?Hentai?Wapanese?Anime Loving?Sushi eating?Isn’t all those belongs to idiot like you?Your grandfather raped a japanese girl since World War 2,you got 2% of japanese blood inside your blood capillary?Oh come on kid,stop jacking off son,this is 21s century,don’t be an old jerk.And yeah,admit it,you just love japanese much as I do.

  10. NIN992 says:


    I just …

    I just realized that you’re actually asian as you live in Malaysia. So I guess you’re not Wapanese. Still I’m sticking to the other statements.

  11. NIN992 says:


    You’re …

    You’re a just a hentai wanking ,Wapanese, anime loving, sushi eating, (sushi is good mind you, so I don’t fault you for that) Japanese wannabe, am I right?

  12. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 definitely …
    @NIN992 definitely yes

  13. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 definitely´╗┐ …
    @NIN992 definitely´╗┐ yes

  14. NIN992 says:



    definitely not.

  15. TanWeiHou says:

    @valkyrieXX tell ” …
    @valkyrieXX tell “us”?they got rule motherfucker,those should follow the rule,and you not one of them

  16. TanWeiHou says:

    @NIN992 Japan is …
    @NIN992 Japan is awesome

  17. NIN992 says:

    Japan sucks
    Japan sucks

  18. ririmja says:

    @hinowaru Shut your …
    @hinowaru Shut your mouth before i smack you.

  19. AceNucci says:

    @hinowaru – I love …
    @hinowaru – I love this video… LOL

  20. ryosuke35 says:

    The irony is… …
    The irony is… that Japanese guy was just as stubborn as the American. Only difference is, we have ways to deal with stubborn people, you guys just have “tradition”.

  21. yourdad132 says:


    YOU MUS …


  22. yourdad132 says:


  23. valkyrieXX says:

    The Jap deserved …
    The Jap deserved every beating… how dare he tell us what to do

  24. bosnia91 says:

    @maddingo12 yeah …
    @maddingo12 yeah that’s what i thought. And the money he stashed away for himself was also made up?

  25. maddingo12 says:

    FBI have strict …
    FBI have strict rules for undercover agents: They cannot engage in violent acts; assaults or murders. This movie exaggerates the exploits of Pistone. He did not engage in beatings, murders or in cutting up a dead body. Pistone (from his book)was always trying to influence the gangsters to take a more peaceful route in situations…because if they turned violent in his presence, he would have to blow his cover and be pulled out of the mission.An agent cannot stand by during a beating or a murder.

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