Gordon Ramsay: How To Fail With Sushi

0 Gordon Ramsay: How To Fail With SushiGordon Ramsay is nervous and out of his depth as he tries his hand at sushi while on a visit to Aaya, the award winning Japanese Restaurant in London’s west end.

Duration : 0:4:47


  1. Alphys Carbuccia says:

    C’mon man!
    C’mon man!

  2. Amelia Bedelia says:

    It’s still …
    It’s still entertaining to see Gordon, an exquisite chef, struggle with something like this. And no wonder, it’s an amazing thing that a lot of people don’t appreciate the difficulty of!

  3. Riokushinaku says:

    Ohhhhhhh!!!! I feel …
    Ohhhhhhh!!!! I feel like an idiot now XD

  4. Riokushinaku says:

    Sorry, @Johnny …
    Sorry, @Johnny Jones face palmed the joke to me XD

  5. Mike Zhai says:

    you sir are a …
    you sir are a piece of shiit, donkey

  6. speedytang4 says:

    damn dood gordon …
    dood gordon ramsay is a boss. and a chef.

  7. Johnny Jones says:

    He was referencing …
    He was referencing numerous instances in Hell’s Kitchen where the chefs served food that was still raw; Ramsay got upset. “Come here, you! Touch that, touch it! It’s RAW! RAAAAAAAW!!”

  8. Ril Dank says:

    spicy tuna has …
    spicy tuna has nothing to do with sushi………

  9. MrWill1729 says:

    The great and …
    The great and fearless, god like figure on his tv shows, Gordon Ramsey, finally meets his doom, I knew asians are gonna take over

  10. MrWill1729 says:

    The great and …
    The great and fearless, god like figure on his tv shows, Gordon Ramsey, finally meets his doom, I knew asians are gonna take over

  11. Riokushinaku says:

    Yeah…. Its …
    Yeah…. Its supposed to be.

  12. Lav Chloe says:

    what show is this?
    what show is this?

  13. Marrangutan says:

    10 years would be …
    10 years would be starting from scratch. From making the rice just right so it’s not too much or too little water to how to cut fish properly so it stays smooth and even exact portion sizes for each dish. Ramsey already has much of that knowledge of prep from all his years and all he really had to do here was put everything together in a different way than what he’s used to.

  14. TheHenryTown says:

    he didn’t really ‘ …
    he didn’t really ‘fail’ he tried his best and did well in the end. i think the word fail is used too much these days.

  15. 1337BananaL33TVostok says:

    sushi is shit..
    sushi is shit..

  16. ishida fury says:

    JesterUrTomcat I do …
    JesterUrTomcat I do not see myself as a “normal human” because I’m not a mindless sheep. And yes there are those kind of Otakus that believe that but I don’t. Not everything Japanese is great … There is corruption in that country too.

  17. GrandGuru1 says:

    So he learned in a …
    So he learned in a day what those guys learn in 10 years huh… Ramsey didn’t fail, he just broke the entire system

  18. JesterUrTomcat says:

    Lol, otaku or not, …
    Lol, otaku or not, you are still a “normal human”. Many Otaku do insult people who aren’t as obsessed with Japanese culture, so don’t pretend the don’t. Especially the otaku that think everything the Japanese do is perfect and are disrespectful of cultures that are not like the Japanese.

  19. bett Ey says:

    is dragon roll …
    is dragon roll reli japanese ?

  20. jwm923 says:

    I’d like to see …
    I’d like to see Ramsey purposely up a dish. I am certain people would still eat it and say it’s great.

  21. jwm923 says:

    Surprised Ramsey …
    Surprised Ramsey didn’t check how clean the refrigerator was first.

  22. Joseph Gutman says:

    “Can I come back?” …
    “Can I come back?” *Just smile and shake his hand*

  23. ishida fury says:

    I’m proud to call …
    I’m proud to call myself an Otaku. No what I should say is I love being an Otaku. And there is nothing wrong with being one. But if you think differently fine that’s your freedom to do so… you don’t hear us saying “look at those normal humans … Man their life is so boring and plain they suck”. So please don’t say it about ours.

  24. ekim18ification says:

    Gordon Ramsay will …
    Gordon Ramsay will get the guy fired from his own restaurant

  25. 01305200 says:

    Feel like I’m …
    Feel like I’m watching an anime, Gordon being the protaginist with the ability to learn fast lol

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