Health Food from Convenience Store in Japan!

0 Health Food from Convenience Store in Japan!Check out the playlist for hundreds more Japan videos!

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  1. joshv89 says:

    1 dollar for 1 egg?
    1 dollar for 1 egg?

  2. chibicheeks78 says:

    I wish such healthy …
    I wish such healthy, high quality and tasty looking salads were that cheap in the States. A salad here with limp and sometimes brown leaves will cost upwards of 4 to 6 dollar.

  3. EricSchwin22 says:

    Japan is the only …
    Japan is the only country keepin their people alive and healthy…America is just killing us with processed shit.

  4. 1103mix1103 says:

    I love neba neba …
    I love neba neba salad that is sold at convenience store. neba neba means sticky foods. they are okra, seaweed and so on. (´▽`*)

  5. veliauribe says:

    Whoa!! I didn’t …
    Whoa!! I didn’t know they had 7/11s in Japan O.O… Wish the seveneleven stores here sold what you are showing here! HAHAHAHA Thanks so much for sharing this! =D

  6. guardian040 says:

    (healthy lunch) “.. …
    (healthy lunch) “…for some people.” LOL!
    I WANT MEAT!!! ;D

  7. GrimeyBeatProduction says:

    7 11 near me sells …
    7 11 near me sells Hot Dogs and something called a Taquito which is absolutely horrid.

  8. dondondodo says:

    found it funny how …
    found it funny how a salad with dressing and all was cheaper than some sticks of vegetable :)

  9. Egosu says:

    I wish US 7-11′s …
    I wish US 7-11′s would get with the times and start selling more stuff like this.

  10. Egosu says:

    @HappyMasterChief …
    @HappyMasterChief 7-11 is owned by Seven and I Holdings Company which is based in Japan. You should see how many 7-11′s Japan has… its a lot, but its not your typical US 7-11 though. :D

  11. HappyMasterChief says:


  12. TheSiqLad says:

    @AnfoAU Bloody oath …
    @AnfoAU Bloody oath. I’m getting sick of late night meat pies, and burnt coffee after a big night out.

  13. knowntothose says:

    Great variety of …
    Great variety of food. Can you take this food to work and eat if for lunch?

  14. tetrahydroscope says:

    Thank heaven for 7- …
    Thank heaven for 7-11

  15. AnfoAU says:

    @BlazinRedxDragon …
    @BlazinRedxDragon The same applies here in Australia

  16. finalfantasy4everock says:

    lol- orrr you can …
    lol- orrr you can buy TWO hard boiled eggs- there you are!

  17. groundmoves0318 says:

    @BlazinRedxDragon …
    @BlazinRedxDragon im good with the unhealthy stuff just look at the dang prices

  18. AnaSheebang says:

    awwwwww~~ I’m glad …
    awwwwww~~ I’m glad to see that, since I’m vegetarian, and going this month to Tokyo, I was afraid I would starve to death… LOL

  19. Tirabaralla says:

    Love this vids, TY
    Love this vids, TY

  20. commando7144 says:


  21. FHomeBrew says:

    what happens to the …
    what happens to the food that doesn’t make it through quality control?

  22. BlazinRedxDragon says:

    The 7-11 in Japan …
    The 7-11 in Japan is AWESOME !! The 7-11 here is by far in no comparison. Makes you see how unhealthy our 7-11 is compared to theirs.

  23. geminielf7 says:

    omg… it’s like …
    omg… it’s like all the way somewhere else to buy it for the same price.

  24. sukiXrose says:

    tamagoyaki is …
    tamagoyaki is rolled omelette

  25. benitofinito says:

    Do you mean …
    Do you mean Australian Dollar or U.S Dollar?

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