Jamie Kennedy Japanese Restaurant

0 Jamie Kennedy   Japanese RestaurantFunny stuff. A man is married to a Japanese woman and she makes fun of him in front of his face since he doesn’t know Japanese.

Duration : 0:14:45


  1. mittparadox says:


  2. Demov12 says:

    5:09 Hiro from the …
    5:09 Hiro from the Tv show “HEROES”.
    The good old days. :D

  3. ploidz says:

    I actually liked …
    I actually liked them, yeah very nostalgic. Good times, especially the WB bits. I had to go to my grandmothers to watch WB for Jamie Kennedy.

  4. TLG160 says:

    that was a great …
    that was a great prank

  5. sade edwards says:

    omg the verizon …
    omg the verizon commercial the phones!!! hilarious

  6. userofpower says:

    Wish we still had …
    Wish we still had it here.After Jamie died it wouldn’t be the same.

  7. halcontv says:

    thank you for not …
    thank you for not fast forwarding past the girls groping

  8. hopper11995 says:

    Holy shit… the …
    Holy shit… the left chef looks like freddie wong

  9. whitechotilincoln says:

    What’s that …
    What’s that commercial with the kids diving off the coffee table?

  10. tales from the nexus says:

    yay britney spears …
    yay britney spears !

  11. JESSECKA says:

    Masi Oka from …
    Masi Oka from Heroes is one of the chefs LOL

  12. Quadtuplitets says:

    $2.99 for unlimited …
    $2.99 for unlimited texting?! Man, those were the days.

  13. Will Smith says:

    Haha this is …
    Haha this is classic, wish we had shows like this in australia

  14. xt0olx says:

    BEST PART AT 13:40 …

  15. Eric Melerud says:

    commercials in the …
    commercials in the middle are: 7:40 – 8:36

  16. Geoff Cole says:

    one of the Japanese …
    one of the Japanese cooks is hiro from heros lol 

  17. Bregowald says:

    And you, too.
    And you, too.

  18. gary mclellan says:

    the guy getting …
    the guy getting x’d is a total douche

  19. Jason Hendley says:

    he looks like ryan …
    he looks like ryan Reynolds

  20. SLACkBOOTFILMS says:

    You taped over my …
    You taped over my Britney vid!!!

  21. Hakajin says:

    Well, his name is …
    Well, his name is Ichiro. One of his parents is probably Japanese.

  22. 15141313 says:

    Wow that guy being …
    Wow that guy being X’ed is fluent in Japanese! No accents what so ever. Now that was freaky.

  23. Opps1991 says:

    This is a good one …
    This is a good one!!!

  24. MufuFinkie says:

    it’s the asian guy …
    it’s the asian guy from HEROES

  25. BestTits says:

    that guy at 8:28 is …
    that guy at 8:28 is the host of the hit it or quit it episode on jke

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