Japanese Convenience Food

0 Japanese Convenience FoodA short video showing a selection of Japanese style fast food items available at a store near our home in Shizuoka City, Japan. We often stop here on picnic days to pick up our lunch or on work days when we choose to take our lunch at our desks back at the office. These types of establishments are very popular in Japan and quite crowded during the evening and on weekends. The food is usually made fresh in a kitchen in back and each establishment may have its own specialty selections of ready made lunch boxes called “bento”. The bento at this restaurant are seen at the start of the video just after some trays of rice balls. Rice balls are hand-formed (molds are used too) balls of rice filled with something yummy and often covered with dry seaweed. A few of the most popular onigiri fillings include cooked salmon, tuna as well as salty pickled plums (my favorite!). The list goes on and on as onigiri are as popular with the Japanese as the Vegemite sandwich is with the Australians and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is with the Americans.

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  1. TheHalloweenHead says:

    Looks delicious ! …
    Looks delicious ! Thumbs if if your an american/european who eats healthy :D

  2. krzintegraboi says:

    @oAkieao yes its …
    @oAkieao yes its all culture..besides you dont want to eat to much rice unless you eat a but load of veggies..

  3. songsforeveryone says:

    please come to …
    please come to Japan! can you eat those!! let’s taste BENTO!

  4. RageingMuffin says:

    @auntbecky About …
    @auntbecky About the price of healthy food? Well yeah. If anything junk food should be the expensive stuff…it just so happens to be cheaper to make.

  5. auntbecky says:

    @RageingMuffin …
    @RageingMuffin Right, and you would probably be the first to complain about the price of it.

  6. hijodepuuu says:

    @RageingMuffin yup
    @RageingMuffin yup

  7. sweetchunks22 says:

    sandwiches.. that’s …
    sandwiches.. that’s what we get here in boring old US of AAAaaa boringgg so jealous!! :(

  8. oAkieao says:

    haha.. it’s …
    haha.. it’s actually a matter of culture.. doesn’t it..?

  9. ITheOSTCentral says:

    @RageingMuffin …
    @RageingMuffin exactly! -_- lol

  10. juggalettetillidie1 says:

    @Pieisforme cuz …
    @Pieisforme cuz were fat and lazy? idk

  11. Zavija says:

    @Bratisice as far …
    @Bratisice as far as i know, no. because of the fresh ingredients. its a shame that we dont have the possibility to enjoy such great food.

  12. Zavija says:

    this looks so great …
    this looks so great!

  13. princessyuushi1 says:

    why cant america …
    why cant america have awesome food like this

  14. britishtuna says:

    Look how healthy …
    Look how healthy beautufil, organic and rich in flavour this FAST FOOD is? This is why Japan has the best life rates in the world. You are what you eat!

  15. TheTechBite says:

    @Pieisforme Amen to …
    @Pieisforme Amen to that ma man, god dayum america

  16. akajyngleslawl says:

    Japan… send new …
    Japan… send new business over!!!!

  17. beachfeet1000 says:

    why is it sitting …
    why is it sitting out in open air ? shouldnt it be covered, kept cold or hot, etc ?

  18. Bratisice says:

    can these be bought …
    can these be bought online?

  19. MegaLinuxer says:

    @windwalker2731 all …
    @windwalker2731 all cancers? XD

  20. AbysmalPanda says:

    @Pieisforme …
    @Pieisforme Actually it all depends on where you live. :3 Cause I live near asian community and there’s a few markets that have that actually. xD It’s yummy too. :p

  21. nobutapower81 says:


  22. 6545111 says:

    @jarostone im 12 -_ …
    @jarostone im 12 -_-

  23. xLordOfTheFliesx says:




  24. Superanthony2006 says:

    Why are lots of …
    Why are lots of people here talk unrespected to american way of consumtion food? it all about culture…american culture is different japanese culture and the most important thing is people choice …you and me can chose how much and what kind of food to eat……by the way ….i like most of thing was made in japan except food.

  25. trainsforever8 says:

    @jarostone nop
    @jarostone nop

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