Japanese Food Okonomiyaki

0 Japanese Food OkonomiyakiThirteenth part of my summer vacation video. This video contains footage from two Okonomiyaki restaurants, one a cook it yourself in Tokyo and another professionally cooked by master chefs in Kyoto. Okonomiyaki is my personal favourite of all Japanese food, absolutely delicious. Okonomi means “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki means “fried” or “cooked”. Sometimes called the “Japanese Pizza” or the “Japanese Pancake”, it originates from the Kansai region (including Osaka) and also Hiroshima. Song is Twist and Shout by The Beatles.

Duration : 0:3:13

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  1. calymicaela says:

    are the do it …
    are the do it yourself restaurants easy to find in Japan, because i think that’d be fun to try out.

  2. 5648efw says:

    Okonomiyaki is very …
    Okonomiyaki is very healthy and delicious.

  3. Ki42shiN001 says:

    Just like I knew …
    Just like I knew you would ( miss flipping it over )

  4. sixter0615jp says:

    “I love Okonomiyaki …
    “I love Okonomiyaki!”が伝わってくる動画ですね。

  5. TheZorch says:

    There a LOT of …
    There a LOT of okonomiyaki recipes. The kind shown in this video is just one of many. Okonomiyaki is sometimes called Japanese Pizza in the West.

  6. mIcHi63Ma says:


  7. aabab24 says:

    Actually, there is …
    Actually, there is one in London. watch?v=1QalGnWUpa0

  8. kikine05 says:

    Tortilla Japonesa …
    Tortilla Japonesa xD parece buenisimo.

  9. younodakine says:

    it’s like bbq. you …
    it’s like bbq. you buy the food and the beer and you cook it how you want it. You’re just buying it in a restaurant instead of a supermarket.
    they got a few places like this in the states but with steaks.

  10. ltlocus says:


  11. Teddywolf says:

    good music choice. …
    good music choice. this looks fun god i need to get a passport and try this first hand. or buy a griddle like they show here and try here in the states first so when i do go i dont look like a total noob

  12. kenbo1992 says:

    i like it!!
    i …

    i like it!!
    i often eat this.

  13. skinstrip says:

    they really should …
    they really should open a chain of these in London. can’t say i can see many english coming to cook for themselves, but the rest of the population sure would find it fun!

  14. wakabaw says:

    Cuz it’s fresh off …
    Cuz it’s fresh off the pan so hot and crispy.

  15. machetey says:

    the real genius is …
    the real genius is that when u it up u can only blame yourself.

  16. LolipopendOh93 says:

    How …

    How am japanese racist if i tell them how i see them you dont deserve to even be on this page. and ps my boyfriend is half japanese and half russian

  17. nuffzed202 says:

    i’d probably pay to …
    i’d probably pay to cook my own food, don’t botha me none,looks like fun. I’ll even leave a healthy mess, just like I would when cookin at home. lmao!

  18. grimwolfe says:

    i was thinking the …
    i was thinking the same thing!?, why are people paying to cook their own food?, might as well eat at home and save a few bucks.
    not try’n to be rude, but i guess i’m missing the point is all :)

  19. xplio101 says:


  20. aeomus26 says:

    mmm, that looks …
    mmm, that looks good =P

  21. kamodo147 says:

    Ah, the genius of …
    Ah, the genius of Japanese restaurants… get the customers to cook it themselves.

  22. OntarioJack says:

    You’re a typical …
    You’re a typical racist japanese bastard.

  23. LolipopendOh93 says:

    Um that is because …
    Um that is because that is their actuall voice baka gaijin.

  24. czerwiec72 says:

    I have one question …
    I have one question for You-I live in Japan quite long time and I cant understand why many girls speak in some unaceptable stupid way-like small girls?Voice sounds terrible and fake,is any reason to do this?Regards.Gaijin:)

  25. xiiaokenn says:

    it seems quite hot …
    it seems quite hot there

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