Kyoto Cuisine and Maiko Evening at Kyoto GION HATANAKA Japanese Restaurant and Ryokan

0 Kyoto Cuisine and Maiko Evening  at Kyoto GION HATANAKA Japanese Restaurant and RyokanYou can enjoy Japanese cultural Maiko dance and the supreme taste of beautyfully-arranged dishes at our traditional Japanese restaurant.
Experience traditional parlor play and photo shots with Maiko girls, with English explanation.

Starting from January 10th 2009.

Japanese Restaurant and ryokan
Kyoto Gion Hatanaka

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Duration : 0:2:11

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  1. yappib says:

    I just called 075 …
    I just called 075 541 5315 and made a reservation. It was very easy. They speak English and you just explain the dates you are available and they will advise when they have scheduled shows.

  2. ausfoolia1111 says:

    @thehatanaka we …
    @thehatanaka we there 27th – 14th dec. Any tips for us if we want this experiance?

  3. searchingformaiko says:

    Looks likes a …
    Looks likes a brilliant artistic opportunity; however, be aware that it is almost impossible to actually book this evening as the performances never seem to be running. The shows need a certain number of guests to run and even if one provides numerous possible dates it seems like none are ever available(not enough people) . This is perhaps a reflection of the economy, but is very frustrating to not be able to book this evening during what should be a popular tourist season, the summer.

  4. thehatanaka says:

    We can imagine that …
    We can imagine that you are really big fun of Maiko and Geiko!!!!
    If you have chnce to visit Japan, please let me know:)
    We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  5. osbourn15 says:

    Maiko Tanewaka and …
    Maiko Tanewaka and Taneju are too cute!

    This would be a fun thing to do when I ever go to Japan.

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