Monkey Business: Monkeys as waiters in japan…VERY FUNNY!! MUST SEE!!!

0 Monkey Business: Monkeys as waiters in japan...VERY FUNNY!! MUST SEE!!!ANCHOR:
And now onto an unusual tip to fight off a business crisis. A Japanese tavern owner is bringing up a new generation of customer pleasing waiters: macaque monkeys. Are you ready for some monkey business?

This “sake house” in northern Tokyo employs two popular and unusual waiters. They are named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan (pronounced Yat-tchan and Fookoo-chan), and are a pair of Japanese macaque monkeys.

Four-year-old Fuku-chan has already two years of experience under his furry belt. His main duty is delivering hot towels to customers before they order their drinks. This is how 12 year-old Yat-chan learned the tricks of the trade.

[Kaoru Otsuka, Tavern Owner]:
“Yat-chan first learned by just watching me working in the restaurant. It all started when one day I gave him a hot towel out of curiosity and he brought the towel to the customer.”

Both monkeys are well appreciated by customers who tip them with boiled soy beans.

[Takayoshi Soeno, Tavern Customer]:
“The monkeys are actually better waiters than some really bad human ones!”

Yat-chan is a natural and is always eager to please his customers.

[Shoichi Yano, Tavern Customer]:
“These guys are really adorable. They’re like my kids. Well actually better — my son doesn’t listen to me but Yat-chan will.”

And customers are impressed that Yat-chan understands their order.

[Miho Takikawa, Tavern Customer]:
“We called out for more beer just then and it brought us some beer, right? It’s amazing how it seems to understand human words.”

Both monkeys were once household pets. But now they are certified restaurant employees. The monkey pair work in shifts of up to a maximum of two hours a day, due to animal rights regulations. And so their employer is now ready to train three new baby monkeys this year. He hopes to bring up a new generation of Japanese waiters and waitresses.

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  1. rabidrabbitshuggers says:

    I love Japan. They …
    I love Japan. They can literally get animals to do ANYTHING, and still manage to be humane about it.

    Except for the whole whale and dolphin thing…

  2. KadieBlue says:



    Interesting you would say that, especially since these particular monkeys look more caucasoid than negroid. The pink skin, the straight dirty blond hair, the narrow nose, the light colored eyes? That’s the closest thing to a white humanoid you can get.

  3. BlissfullAwareness says:

    There’s going to be …
    There’s going to be a monkey union for sure.

  4. selketo18 says:

    Thats awesome :D
    Thats awesome :D

  5. ODSTDeltaSquad says:

    the monkeys are …
    the monkeys are actually better waiters then some really bad human ones
    LMAO :D

  6. swoosh50 says:

    This commentary is …
    This commentary is horrible

  7. CelezteEzpinoza says:

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  8. sausageNmash1990 says:

    @sellthemanicans …
    @sellthemanicans haha….. karl pilkington…… that comment was so random…… karl.P is 1 funny dude

  9. MysteryoftheGods says:

    Geeze..and to think …
    Geeze..and to think my dogs just laze around my house the whole day!..CRIMINALS!

  10. thexlost says:

    i personally find …
    i personally find this more humane than putting them in cages in the zoo. here theyre learning and being treated almost as equals.

  11. deryadg says:


  12. bugpwdrdust says:

    nice anchor over dub
    nice anchor over dub

  13. sellthemanicans says:

    Karl Pilkington has …
    Karl Pilkington has a head like a orange

  14. nukeurhouse12 says:

    2 hours my ass. …
    2 hours my ass. Poor monkeys are probably working their off as free labor communists!

  15. pcb815 says:

    its all fun and …
    its all fun and games until the monkey either in the food or starts throwing its own at the customers

  16. ShakTV says:

    when will they …
    when will they unionize?
    the monkies are “certified restaurant employees” working “up to a maximum of 2 hours a day due to animal rights regulations”

  17. AgrivatedKillah says:

    We already have …
    We already have black waiters in the USA.

  18. TheJ17M says:

    @premiermc LOOOL xD
    @premiermc LOOOL xD

  19. TheJ17M says:

    @xK0N6H3LZx No …
    @xK0N6H3LZx No its alive I dont know what planet you are from.. And dont hate on Japan;) They have done 10 times greater things than your country ^^

  20. richyblazedat says:

    muh cack waits hard
    muh cack waits hard

  21. xK0N6H3LZx says:

    @TheJ17M japan is …
    @TheJ17M japan is dead

  22. bluepaj says:


  23. BlackyFive000 says:

    thy shouldn’t let …
    thy shouldn’t let the customer smoke inside :/

  24. essse2003 says:

    thats crazzy :) )

    thats crazzy :) )


    I just hope that i …
    I just hope that i don’t have to compete with a monkey for a job…

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