Restaurants in Japan (Hirakata and Osaka)

0 Restaurants in Japan (Hirakata and Osaka)Because a general video on Japanese food would be a little too broad to do, I thought I’d do a video on restaurants of Japan, in the area around Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata City, and Osaka. This video covers a variety of popular meals–udon, curry and rice, tonkatsu, yakiniku, and of course, ramen. If you’d like to see more food videos, let me know, and I’ll see if I can pump out more. I will eat food in front of a camera everyday of the week for you guys.

Wanna learn more about studying abroad as an exchange student in Japan or Kansai Gaidai? Check out my blog:

Duration : 0:7:26

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  1. rishellz says:

    :O No Bikkuri …
    :O No Bikkuri Donkey or Sweets Paradise? Or, even though you wanted to stay away from the stereotype that Japanese only eat sushi, Kappa Sushi is still so great.



    hopefully your lottery win is several million dollar as all the standard houses especially insite the city suck bad. a penthouse loft is more fun here.

  3. animecrazy888 says:

    @brotherannie …
    @brotherannie that’s fine, take your time. thanks C:

  4. Phostings1 says:

    You’re so awesome! …
    You’re so awesome! I always wanted to go to japan! Hopefully if I hit the lottery i’ll buy myself a house in Shinbuya. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  5. brotherannie says:

    @animecrazy888 I …
    @animecrazy888 I know, sorry, the server has been discontinued so I had to take everything down. : ( I’ll see about putting everything up again.

  6. animecrazy888 says:

    the link for your …
    the link for your blog isn’t working :/

  7. musicmelusine says:

    This is soooo …
    This is soooo coooool I was a Kansai Gaidai exchange student too….some 20 years ago ! There were cool places already then !
    You guys are probably having lots of fun ! enjoy it and make lots of friends

  8. inuhimesama says:

    @brotherannie you …
    @brotherannie you mean that IN JAPAN at a Japanese university all your classes were in English except for the strictly Japanese language class? So pretty much an “American/English” school located in Japan? Were you amoung Japanese students or just exchange students (in class)? What university by the way? What was the exchange program called? How long were you in Japan? Thanks for answering all these questions. Sorry there are so many…
    P.S. thanks for the quick reply!

  9. brotherannie says:

    @inuhimesama I just …
    @inuhimesama I just went through my university, we had an exchange program set up between us and Kansai Gaidai. I’d studied about 2 yrs of Japanese before I went (so like, JLPT 3ish?) but there were lots of people who’d studied little to no Japanese at all. My Japanese language classes were all in Japanese, but I didn’t find it too hard too understand. My other non-language classes were in English though.

  10. inuhimesama says:

    What exchange …
    What exchange program did you use? how good was your japanese when you went over? (JPLT levels or high school foreign language levels would be helpful) Did you have trouble understanding or completing classwork?

  11. KansaiJesse says:

    Oh, Obachan’s I …
    Oh, Obachan’s I miss their food.

  12. poisanjp says:

    アメリカから東まわりに旅うぃると日本に …

  13. DjDBKADerick says:

    your cute that is …
    your cute that is all

  14. jjyoungxx says:

    初めてアメリカのインスタントラーメン食 …
    初めてアメリカのインスタントラーメン食べた時の感想。 倉庫に10年位放置していたような麺の味 (笑) 何だろう、あの独特な麺の匂い。 

  15. lrussell501 says:

    私は実際に日本語を話す方法を知らない。 …
    私は実際に日本語を話す方法を知らない。私は、インターネット上でこれをやっている。 XDDD

  16. treez878 says:

    @KudoXYukiko yes …
    @KudoXYukiko yes takoyaki is delicious

  17. hamabo1212 says:


  18. brotherannie says:

    @0102106kls …
    @0102106kls Southern food ROCKS! :D

  19. 0102106kls says:

    the best food comes …
    the best food comes from the south east region of the u.s examples carolina’s

  20. colombiak says:

    @0102106kls lol
    @0102106kls lol

  21. 0102106kls says:

    hurry up and buy …
    hurry up and buy you not eat here

  22. Liam8488 says:

    4:05 is the …
    4:05 is the Japanese equivalent of $40 a day with Rachel Ray XD

  23. KudoXYukiko says:

    i like miso soup …
    i like miso soup better. i like udon i just prefer miso better. i LOVE takoyaki and taiyaki. i have a freind who used to like in Negoya who moved here. thats why i wanna go to get my degree in animation.

  24. legenddart says:

    this is how they go …
    this is how they go down…(i was drinking some sprite and it went out my nose lol)

  25. FindMeInKurume says:

    It’s late, but I …
    It’s late, but I bookmarked this so I can finish watching tomorrow. I will also get over to your channel and see what else you have Japanese related. I am new to the Japan vloggers community, so I am looking forward to seeing what other videos you have. Thanks for posting!

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