Rodney Carrington – Japanese Restaurants

0 Rodney Carrington   Japanese RestaurantsRodney Carrington Japanese Restaurants

Duration : 0:3:16

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  1. Mickie11850 says:

    Am I the only one …
    Am I the only one who finds him sexy?

  2. c032970 says:

    @REDNECKCOWBOY84 LMAO that funny as hell

  3. FlyingBoxHead says:

    @rednecksareretards …
    @rednecksareretards trollolollololololollllollololloloooololoolollololoololoolololollllllollolololollololololololololololllolololololol

  4. BPALERMO1 says:


  5. minks1968 says:

    United States …
    United States Marine here !!! And also a Desert Storm veteran,, and proud of that too,, AMERICAN HERO?? My grandaddy and his brother were heros, WW2,, uncle Vietnam,,, Southern,,, redneck and proud of it,, Southern hospitality even extends to rude people. It’s deplorable that a Sgt. of any military branch in our country , speaks this way and flaunts the honors that so many DIED for,, I have combat boots older than you are,, and I had the respect of my fellow Marines !!

  6. rednecksareretards says:

    wow you insest …
    wow you insest fuck!!! you need to drink another beer and slap your kids and chill out!! and that says alot about you saying you my mom!!haha!!! you must really your hog if you “fucked” my mom last night!! my mom is huge and ugly you inbred bastard. lmfao. you hicks really have no shame!! oh and who do i think i am? i am decorated veteran sgt. in the united states army you lazy hick! i am a 2 time purple heart recipient! I am the perfect example of and american hero. so keep talkin

  7. 2waystreet15 says:

    @rednecksareretards …
    @rednecksareretards who the you think you talkin to? i will cut ur face off and feed it to my hog…….stupid bitch…..people make mistakes its not the end of the world…..and my computer is old as and some of the keys dont work like they are supposed to…..and btw thats not what ya mama said last night

  8. SlimShadyLP100 says:

    as soon as i saw …
    as soon as i saw the title and who it was…i knew it was gonna be hilarious xD

  9. rednecksareretards says:

    learn how to spell …
    learn how to spell you inbred piece of garbage!!!!

  10. 2waystreet15 says:

    @Tricorvus impeach …
    @Tricorvus impeach that Obama motha fucka……RODNEY CARRINGTON FOR RESIDENT HAHAHA

  11. TheDamion69 says:

    what happen did …
    what happen did ching lee get sick???

  12. iheartcowboys21 says:

    @REDNECKCOWBOY84 lmfao

  13. 743magma says:

    27 pepole dont like …
    27 pepole dont like pon tang

  14. MsAsianNinja says:


  15. chase123devine says:


  16. ThePhenoix11 says:

    whats it gonna b …
    whats it gonna b chikie? hot dog or hamburger?

    hes making fun of Chinese people get your purse.. “”thats right and i have two words for you F you

  17. whitetailassasin97 says:

    Haaaaaaa he no wok …
    Haaaaaaa he no wok here no mor

  18. gorrilainamansuit says:

    26 people disliked …
    26 people disliked this video, thus you will tumbs up my comment.

  19. chevyisthabest says:

    24 people are …
    24 people are japanese

  20. rkulackoski3 says:

    What’s it gonna be …
    What’s it gonna be Chinky? Hot dog or a hamburger

  21. NESDragon20 says:

    Hell, now whenever …
    Hell, now whenever I go out to an ASIAN restaurant, I can’t help but say Hachachachachacha.

  22. johnrambo55555 says:

    He walks away from …
    He walks away from the table I just can’t help myself. Hachachachachachacha. I got my kids doin it. Ha chachachacha

  23. harrisisdabomb says:

    comedy show lights …
    comedy show lights micraphone fuckk me wat an asshole

  24. harrisisdabomb says:

    “i got two words …
    “i got two words for you, YOU!:) best part

  25. DylanColeman09 says:

    waahhhhhh cha cha …
    waahhhhhh cha cha cha cha cha cha

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