0 sushiguys, pls don’t take too serious about this vid. I’m also a big fan of sushi. (OMG unagi is so delicious!!!)

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  1. lionelraoul says:

    You should always …
    You should always show a little guilt with your eyes. Love it!

  2. sayopun says:

    many non Japanese …
    many non Japanese seemed to misunderstand!!
    don’t take it seriously! this is just a joke! haha
    funny anyway


  3. XTrevvion says:

    @kakaman05 i just …
    @kakaman05 i just ate the most horrible gari today…it was REALLY SALTY

  4. MartinTjen says:

    Hahahaha this is …
    Hahahaha this is really funny :,D

  5. kakaman05 says:

    i know what is gari …
    i know what is gari It is sweet, thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated in a solution of sugar and vinegar.

  6. pithulla1 says:

    seus viados seus …
    seus viados seus pau no cu

  7. eriquerique says:

    GOD this is funny. …
    GOD this is funny. But someone really has to explain a lot of the cultural parodies etc so people who aren’t familiar with Japanese culture might laugh better! (e.g. why is there a plate of salt outside the door, why there’s a battleship & kappa monster sushi topping, etc) LOL!

  8. ReaversPistol says:

    i got here from yes …
    i got here from yes! yes!

  9. japantruthify01 says:

    JAPAN DOES NOT HAVE A CULTURE OF ITS OWN. Many aspects of JApanese culture -clothing,architecture, pottery, festivals, music. food, can be fround in China and Korea. Everything in Japan came from China or Korea. Japan was an uncivilized nation before Korean scholars arrived on it.

  10. hitsugiluva says:

    lmao kappa sushi
    lmao kappa sushi

  11. MrMrphil72 says:

    If you are alone, …
    If you are alone, you must show shame in your eyes! LOL

  12. cachivache93 says:

    “This is -gari-” ” …
    “This is -gari-” “And NOBOBY knows what’s is made from”
    LOL….so funny!!

  13. xTenshiAi says:

    LMFAOO! It would be …
    LMFAOO! It would be hilarious if someone actually did this in real life xD

  14. killermoomin says:

    wow its from 2005 :P
    wow its from 2005 :P

  15. mrmaintain says:

    i was so …
    i was so disappointed to learn that this is all a laugh… broke my heart… i was ready to put a bowl of salt out front…..!!

  16. 1marinik says:

    i’m hungry XD
    i’m hungry XD

  17. ChristopherJacques says:

    348 people don’t …
    348 people don’t get that this is a comedy video.

  18. FlyingV1000 says:

    @umadbrow Nah, I …
    @umadbrow Nah, I just seriously thought you were gay, and decided to inform you. Have a nice day.

  19. umadbrow says:



    youre probably not a japanese but you defend them cause youre an anime freak loser virgin retard. go kawai kawai in the corner while we bully you in school you nerd.

  20. sushihandleidng says:

    kijk ook maar eens …
    kijk ook maar eens op

  21. FlyingV1000 says:

    @umadbrow YOU, sir, …
    @umadbrow YOU, sir, are the gay one

  22. IBANEZfil says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm i love …
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm i love sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :9

  23. sikisaiaon says:

    最高にシュールな …


  24. superaziz14 says:

    they say about ” …
    they say about ”gari” they doesn’t know where it is made from. but it is thin sliced ginger. or are they not serious that they doesn’t know where it is made from??

  25. mashroom99 says:

    This is not …
    This is not realize.Please don’t believe this video .

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