The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters

0 The automated Japanese restaurant without waitersSpencer Kelly takes a break from the Ceatec technology fair in Tokyo to have some lunch in a Japanese Restaurant with a difference.

The latest technology ensures food can be cooked to order and delivered to you by conveyor belt with your bill being calculated as you dispose of your used plates down a chute to be washed.

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  1. naj mohd says:

    In Japan, An …
    In Japan, An Automated Sushi Restaurant That Has No Waiters

    This latest trend in Japanese restaurant may be the answer to the lack of
    manpower in the restaurant industry.

    Do you think waiters will soon be a thing of the past?

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  2. Mario Hanna says:

    well said! That guy …
    well said! That guy is a moron, he probably spends all his money tipping
    any that works there in hopes of getting lol

  3. Joe Nickence says:

    Very cool at the …
    Very cool at the end!

  4. Joe Nickence says:

    Very cool at the …
    Very cool at the end!

  5. Damien Golding says:

    Yeh, they …
    Yeh, they definitely are on the decline, but they are still around in their
    plenty. They just don’t stick out like the large and colorful conveyor belt
    sushi restaurants. Conveyor belt sushi often equals cheap which often
    results in worse quality, especially when things like “uni” are like 500
    yen in normal places but are somehow kept at 100 yen. I advise everyone
    visiting Japan to go into local sushi restaurants as you will be missing
    out if you don’t.

  6. bigpuppy2004 says:

    they dont do that …
    they dont do that inmost restaurants anymore because some may sit out to
    long. its sad

  7. Haruhi Suzumiya says:

    *drinks cum*
    *drinks cum*

  8. LegendarySayayin says:

    No, please! My… …
    No, please! My… only weakness..! Yaaaaaaaaaaahh! *All muscles contract,
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    the sun*

  9. Haruhi Suzumiya says:

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    now. ;3 *takes off my panties and sucks your cock*

  10. LegendarySayayin says:

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  11. Haruhi Suzumiya says:

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  12. LegendarySayayin says:

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  13. Haruhi Suzumiya says:

    Ok ;3 *rubs your …
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  14. LegendarySayayin says:

    Fair enough, but …
    Fair enough, but I’m still unbeatable, ;P

  15. Hari Kannan says:

    The automated …
    The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters….

  16. Alex Roma says:

    People in Japan for …
    People in Japan for the most part are very honest …

  17. Dynacom Carteleria Digital Signage says:

    ▶ The automated …
    ▶ The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters – YouTube #digitalsignage #carteleriadigital #japon #tecnologia

  18. Lineal Hosting says:

    ▶ The automated …
    ▶ The automated Japanese restaurant without waiters – YouTube #digitalsignage #carteleriadigital #japon #tecnologia

  19. Bovar Omni says:

    You have some chip …
    You have some chip on your shoulder because of a stupid restaurant that did
    not impress me. You already lost because you resorted to insults. Why don’t
    you go have some RADIOACTIVE FISH for dinner? And STFU.

  20. RickyRozayy says:

    I believe its in …
    I believe its in Hakodate Japan.

  21. Samantha Banaszak says:

    My friend, I’ve …
    My friend, I’ve stooped to yours. I’m simply stating the facts. It’s
    typically American of you to never admit that some other countries may be
    superior to you in even one tiny little way.

  22. Slabb, Inc. - Kiosk Manufacturer & Distributor says:

    No waiters …
    No waiters necessary…The automated Japanese restaurant #automatedrestaurant

  23. Bovar Omni says:

    I stand by what I …
    I stand by what I said and I do it without insulting you because I refuse
    to stoop to your level, Good day.

  24. Samantha Banaszak says:

    Perhaps you’re …
    Perhaps you’re being a bit condescending from someone of your caliber of
    intellect. The conveyor belt was invented in America, and the Japanese used
    this age-old technology in this purpose. To say Japan isn’t a harbor of
    invention, innovation and creativity is moronic. Just use any search engine
    and several items will be brought up. What you’re saying is like if I said
    some country invented the cloth, so the shirt is that country’s invention.
    Old news my ass, you neckbearded moron.

  25. Remco Bron says:

    Don’t want to put …
    Don’t want to put up with snazzy wait staff at a restaurant? Go have sushi
    at this restaurant in Japan. Everything is made and served with the least
    human involvement possible.

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