Traditional Japanese restaurant part 2 of 2

0 Traditional Japanese restaurant part 2 of 2Please see video “part 1 of 2″ first.

While in Osaka, in April of 2012 at a conference I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Ken and his family. The day after the conference Mr. Ken took Shun, Manabu, and me to an Osaka traditional Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant is around one-hundred fifty years old. Meals are served in private rooms with tatami mats on the floors, low tables and chair. Shoes are left at the restaurant’s lobby; sandals are worn, and taken off before entering the private dinning room.

The food was served in small portions with many courses and it was all excellent. A big thanks to Mr. Ken for this outstanding Japanese meal and outstanding Japanese experience.

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  1. PropagandaBuster says:

    Not really because …
    Not really because I normally do not eat junk food. Nor was I hungry that evening. I found the meal very satisfying both visually and gastronomically.

  2. dokkiro says:

    You’re probably …
    You’re probably right but it does looks like miso in serving style similar, I couldn’t tell. Whatever you call it, it still looks like miso soup based.

  3. 5969ddff says:

    Tony, Kaiseki …
    Tony, Kaiseki cuisine is kind of an art. Frankly speaking, didn’t you feel like eating junk food after you left the restaurant? I assume you were very hungry that night.

  4. 5969ddff says:

    @dokkiro I wonder …
    @dokkiro I wonder if they serve miso soup in these kind of expensive restaurants. What Tony is trying is probably “osuimono”.

  5. abolishprivileges says:



  6. PampyO says:

    Please enjoy …
    Please enjoy business and a life after returning to Korea, if your hometown is Korea. 

  7. HAL100005 says:

    “bellissimo” …
    “bellissimo” Japanese food dont use oil so much,healthy but some foreigers may not good at eating it.And as you know,we use a lot of marine products for food.So we know much better about marine products than eco-terrorists.

  8. MrE20000 says:

    Do business in …
    Do business in Japan! Hypocrite !

  9. dokkiro says:

    Miso soup is like …
    Miso soup is like my breakfast cereals. Tony I can tell you wouldn’t know what it is because you look you ate burgers all your life. :)

  10. zn4rf says:

    well that looked …
    well that looked expensive….

  11. kougun2007 says:

    It is kaiseki.

    It is kaiseki.

    It looks great.

  12. ColonelRichardHunter says:


  13. santaonthecross says:

    It would be like …
    It would be like eating art.

  14. Daviysoh says:

    I’m jelly. But I’m …
    I’m jelly. But I’m glad you seem enjoyed yourself in Japan.

  15. PropagandaBuster says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for enjoying my videos. Sorry to read you will be in the hospital a while. I will add you in my prayers each day. If you care to send me a YouTube personal message (PM), I will respond. God bless you and keep the faith.

  16. bigskip2121 says:

    Gee Tony, I really …
    Gee Tony, I really look foward to your videos. (RRRREEEEEAAAALLLYYYY!!!!) and you come through like your talking to a friend. I’ve enjoyed everything for at least a couple of years now. I won’t be able to watch you for a while because I have to go to the hospital and I’ll be there for a pretty long while. Pretty sick I guess, Well anyway, God Bless You and Yours , Sometimes we never know the good we do or how we help other people just by being ourselves.
    and Thanks

  17. mysciencenow says:

    good foods
    good foods

  18. RantWithJeff says:

    Nice video :)
    Nice video :)

  19. schwartsbruder says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video upload:-)

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