Episode 1 : How to order food at a Korean restaurant (Speak up Korean) by Community Korea

0 Episode 1 : How to order food at a Korean restaurant (Speak up Korean) by Community KoreaThis is the very first episode of [Speak Up, Korean] from Community Korea, the video language lesson where we teach you conversational Korean phrase or expression widely used in a day- to- day life, co-hosted by Hana Lee, Tori Palmer, Yoo jung Lee and directed by Dong ho Kim. In this episode, we talk about how to order food at a Korean Restaurant. Since it is our first try making the video on the language study, your feedback or any comment would be highly appreciated. Please hit the Like and stay tuned for the next episode !
Additional Note :
Here are some tips on how to make studying Korean with our video even more enjoyable!
1. Read the key expression from the main dialogue out loud as you watch along and repeat over and over
2. Try the role-play of the given sentences with your community friends!
3. Come over to our language exchange meet-up every Tuesday, Thursday to practice them till you get the most out of them. We are hitting the Kimbap restaurant for dinner afterward.
-Highlighted expression (Episode1. How to order food at a Korean restaurant)
1) 어서 오세요 (/ Uh- seo oh- se -yo / Welcome to our restaurant.
2) 자리 있어요? / Jari -i sseo -yo?/ Are there any seat ?
3) 몇 분이세요? /myeo- bbun i- se- yo?/ How many are in your group?
4) 두 명이요./ do- myung i -yo/ Two people.
5) 이 쪽으로 오세요. / i- jjok- eu -ro oh -se -yo/ Please, come this way.
6) 주문 도와드릴까요? / ju -mun do- wa -deu -ril –kka- yo? / can I take your order?
7) 이거 하나 주세요. I- geo hana ju- se- yo./ Please, get me one of these.
8) 김밥 나왔습니다. Gim –bap na-wat-sseum-ni-da/ Here is your kimbap.
9) 물은 셀프에요. 맛있게 드세요. / Mul-eun self-e-yo. Ma-ssi-ggae-deu-se-yo./ please, water is self-service and enjoy your meal.

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Duration : 0:5:4


  1. efini808 says:

    I hear you — I was …
    I hear you — I was just trying to emphasize that some people learn a lot faster when they have the language broken down for them like that. Some like it better learning in real time within a convo and less explanations spelt out for them. We’re all unique learners, after all! GL to you, too!

  2. Zachary Sarette says:

    You think the …
    You think the Koreans consciously thought about how to construct those sentences using grammar rules? Don’t get me wrong. I said a quick little explanation would do. Grammar is good to know, but it’s actual use is very limited. Especially in speech where you don’t have time to think about it. Anyways, good luck with your studies!

  3. efini808 says:

    I agree! Great …
    I agree! Great job.The explanations help learners understand why they’re constructing the responses the way they are… that helps when you’re trying to form sentences on your own.

    A lot of TTMIK’s vids are broken down the way they are because they’re trying to accommodate a wide range of learners. People with absolutely no experience can read, hear, and replicate with ease. They WAY good, too!

  4. Zachary Sarette says:

    Try not to explain …
    Try not to explain the grammar so much. Just a quick little explanation. Slow it down just a bit more. Otherwise, this is one of the better videos trying to teach Korean. Much better than any TTMIK. (They WAY over explain things there which makes it slow and boring.) Great job! Keep up the good work.

  5. communitykorea says:

    감사합니다. ^^
    감사합니다. ^^

  6. Michael WIlson says:

    감사합니다 ^.^
    감사합니다 ^.^

  7. communitykorea says:

    네 감사합니다. ^^ 다음회도 …
    네 감사합니다. ^^ 다음회도 기대해주세요 ~

  8. Afrah Z says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much for this! I’ll be sure to speak as natively as I can when I’m there in December! 정말 감사합니다! 다음 회를 기다릴게요! ^^

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