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Korean BBQ – Level Up (Ep. 32)

0 Korean BBQ   Level Up (Ep. 32)How to eat authentic samgupsal (grilled pork), just like it’s done in Seoul! It’s one of my favorite Korean meals and, once you taste the proper mix of ingredients, it’s easy to see why it is one of Korea’s most famous meals. It’s simply fantastic!

Music by Rachel Palmer. Thanks for watching!

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  1. yeshuahfullofit says:

    I was in Korea as …
    I was in Korea as a 17 year old 7th Cavalry Scout, and turned 18 there. It was a wonderful experience. I love the Korean people! They are some of the finest I have met. I was about 20 miles north of Seoul, 6 miles from the DMZ. This was in ’74-’75. My base was called Camp Rice/Camp Garry Owen. I enjoyed spending time with our KATUSA’s. I have many fond memories. ; )

  2. LeiaRenae says:

    this is well …
    this is well executed why arent you more popular!! :o

  3. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @LeiaRenae I’ve …
    @LeiaRenae I’ve only been making videos consistently for about a year, so I hope to become more popular as more people find my channel. It takes a long time to build a following on YouTube, but I’ll never stop making videos, so that’s okay. Thank you for watching!

  4. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @Fhenry That’s …
    @Fhenry That’s Korean style: one shot! hahaha! Thanks for watching!

  5. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @MageThief Yes, I’m …
    @MageThief Yes, I’m really going to miss this food when I go home. My hometown doesn’t have any Korean BBQ restaurants, either. Thank you for watching!

  6. Fhenry says:

    eating like a …
    eating like a korean but don’t choke your self haha…yup get the most u can out of those few weeks left…

  7. MageThief says:

    oooh Korean BBQ is …
    oooh Korean BBQ is so daaamn good. I hate my town, there is no Korean restaurant here.

  8. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @JcmdiStockFootage …
    @JcmdiStockFootage Cool! I didn’t know there were any authentic Korean BBQs in the States. As a country boy from Wisconsin, I rarely get to major cities to search for any. :-) But yes, I love this style of cooking! Thanks for watching!

  9. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @MrIbaldin Yes, I …
    @MrIbaldin Yes, I reply to almost every comment (unless it’s inappropriate) because I really appreciate when people watch my videos and tell me what they think. I’ll be going back to America soon, but I’ll make a few more videos in Korea before I go. My channel has lots of videos about life in Korea. Check it out!

    Thanks again!

  10. JcmdiStockFootage says:

    Great show! Nice …
    Great show! Nice to see that the Korean BBQs here in CA are much like the real thing in Korea! XD I love cooking my own food right at the table :-)

  11. MrIbaldin says:

    @ …
    @GreenEggsAndHamster Thank u for good video about Korean BBQ. And u as far I can see you trying to response to every body so it’s nice from u.
    P.S. If it’s possible make more videos about life style in Korea, u know I’m European and I’m very interested in Asia)
    Good luck! Thank u)

  12. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @chrismecking …
    @chrismecking Hahaha! Thanks for coming along!

  13. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @fehquig It was a …
    @fehquig It was a great time. Thank you for watching!

  14. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @MrMawie89 :-)
    @MrMawie89 :-) Thanks for watching!

  15. chrismecking says:

    haha, even I had …
    haha, even I had something to eat a few minutes ago, I am hungry again ;)
    Thanks for the ride ;) 

  16. fehquig says:

    Recording pretty …
    Recording pretty ladies… Thanks for sharing glimpses of traffic and dinner!

  17. MrMawie89 says:

    Preparing the food …
    Preparing the food and smoking , it looked smart hehe !

  18. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @shinjohitsugaya …
    @shinjohitsugaya Hahaha! I hope you ate something delicious. Thank you for watching!

  19. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @TyYann Yes, that …
    @TyYann Yes, that is definitely the right equation! Thank you for watching!

  20. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @Biznetzy It was a …
    @Biznetzy It was a great time. It’s hard to beat having good food with good friends. Thank you for watching!

  21. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @Nemesis093781 …
    @Nemesis093781 Thank you for watching!

  22. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @Kairu1412 Thank …
    @Kairu1412 Thank you for watching!

  23. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @mikebacon247 Cool! …
    @mikebacon247 Cool! I didn’t know there was a large Korean population in Georgia. Thanks for watching and for teaching me something!

  24. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @MrIbaldin Thanks!
    @MrIbaldin Thanks!

  25. GreenEggsAndHamster says:

    @subukai Haha! I …
    @subukai Haha! I hope you found something good. Thanks for watching!

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