Korean BBQ’s Amazing Transformation [Arirang Today]

0 Korean BBQs Amazing Transformation [Arirang Today][Arirang Today]

Korean BBQ’s Amazing Transformation

Korean food has been rapidly expanding its appeal to foreigners. Even in New York, where the number of Korean Restaurants does not even meet half the number in LA, 30% of respondents in a survey said that they liked Korean food. Among them, the most favorite Korean food is Korean BBQ. Arirang Today will visit Annual Korean BBQ Cook Off festival and take a look at why Korean barbecue so popular among foreigners.

Duration : 0:7:33

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  1. PoraNabi says:

    Bulgogi and radish …
    Bulgogi and radish kim chi rock!

  2. Arguemento says:

    I still have to try …
    I still have to try Korean bbq.

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