Korean Cuisine – KimBap by Bang & Jennifer

0 Korean Cuisine   KimBap by Bang & JenniferIt’s KimBap! This is a simple dish that you can enjoy ANYWHERE! Take it on a picnic, as a road trip snack, or even just as lunch! We made the standard kimbap and also a breakfast kimbap. Enjoy!

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Duration : 0:6:33

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  1. MagnumChef says:

    I hate DanMuJi too! …
    I hate DanMuJi too!

    I find 들깨(Perilla)leaves or 깻잎 make a great layer between the rice and the rest of the veggies/meat

  2. BANGandJENNIE says:

    Hi! Thanks for the …
    Hi! Thanks for the wonderful comment! I, Bang, just checked out your channel. I’m subscribing! ^_^

  3. thelalalinzy says:

    haha! Love your …
    haha! Love your videos!! Super fun and entertaining. I also made a kimbap video… =)

  4. LittoBUbbo says:

    wait wtf are you …
    wait wtf are you talking about? Their english is fine

  5. shin51 says:

    You usually buy a …
    You usually buy a mold to make that kind of kimbap. You put the rice down first, then put the filling in, then put more rice on top of that and then pack it down. They also use a wrapped seaweed wrapper for each triangle.

  6. BANGandJENNIE says:


  7. SparkzMxzXZ says:

    if we add raw fish …
    if we add raw fish in, would it still be counted a kimbap? .___.
    Just kidding hahaha. this was a cute video!

  8. SparkzMxzXZ says:

    And your English is …
    And your English is of an extremely high standard.

  9. greglam says:

    Jennie! <3
    Jennie! <3

  10. BANGandJENNIE says:

    Okay, hater.
    Okay, hater.

  11. jabsaba3 says:

    Your english is not …
    Your english is not good ..Please study like this country ..

  12. ShineeJonghyunLoveer says:


  13. ghfeguer says:

    plus points for the …
    plus points for the beer sipping Eugene

  14. BANGandJENNIE says:

    Coming soon! Thanks …
    Coming soon! Thanks for subscribing and please spread the word!

  15. pastacreed says:

    Please more videos! …
    Please more videos!!!!!

  16. BANGandJENNIE says:

    That is a …
    That is a different type of kimbap called “Triangle kimbap.” Not completely sure about the shape, but I guess you mold the rice around the ingredients in a triangle shape with your hands. This is just a guess, though. ^^

  17. Andreamusic1000 says:

    OMG !!! THAT LOOKS …

  18. Jealkeja says:

    I usually see …
    I usually see kimbap with a triangular shape… how do you roll it so it looks slightly triangular? Just mold it with your hands after?

  19. TheDive99 says:

    loved the sound …
    loved the sound effects. YESS!!!

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