Korean Phrases for Restaurants (For Customers)

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Korean Phrases for Restaurants (For Customers)

Give me.
= 주세요. [ju-se-yo.]

Give us some water.
= 물 좀 주세요.[mul jom ju-se-yo.]

Give us the menu.
= 메뉴판 좀 주세요. [me-nyu-pan jom ju-se-yo.]

Give us wet towels.
= 물수건 좀 주세요. [mul-su-geon jom ju-se-yo.]

Give me this.
= 이거 주세요. [i-geo ju-se-yo.]

Give me this, this and this.
= 이거하고 이거하고 이거 주세요. [i-geo-ha-go i-geo-ha-go i-geo ju-se-yo.]

Give me one more of this.
= 이거 하나 더 주세요. [i-geo ha-na deo ju-se-yo.]
= 이거 일인분 더 주세요. [i-geo i-rin-bun deo ju-se-yo.]

Give us two people’s serving of Samgyeopsal.
= 삼겹살 이인분 주세요. [sam-gyeop-sal i-in-bun ju-se-yo.]

Do you have something that doesn’t have meat in it?
= 고기 안 들어간 거 있어요? [go-gi an deu-reo gan geo i-sseo-yo?]

What’s the most delicious?
= 뭐가 제일 맛있어요? [mwo-ga je-il ma-si-sseo-yo?]

What do people order the most?
= 제일 많이 시키는 게 뭐예요? [je-il ma-ni si-ki-neun ge mwo-ye-yo?]

What’s the spiciest?
= 제일 매운 게 뭐예요? [je-il mae-un ge mwo-ye-yo?]

Where’s the bathroom?
= 화장실이 어디예요? [hwa-jang-si-ri eo-di-ye-yo?]

Can I take this to go?
= 이거 포장 돼요? [i-geo po-jang dwae-yo?]

Please get this ready for take out.
= 포장해 주세요. [po-jang-hae ju-se-yo.]

Give me the bill.
= 계산서 좀 주세요. [gye-san-seo jom ju-se-yo.]

How much is it over here?
= 여기 얼마예요? [yeo-gi eol-ma-ye-yo?]

Where do I pay?
= 어디에서 계산해요? [eo-di-e-seo gye-san-hae-yo?]
= 계산 어디서 해요? [gye-san eo-di-seo hae-yo?]

Do you accept credit cards?
= 여기 카드 돼요? [yeo-gi ca-deu dwae-yo?]

Please split the bill.
= 각자 계산할게요. [gak-ja gye-san-hal-ge-yo.]
= 따로따로 계산할게요. [tta-ro-tta-ro gye-san-hal-ge-yo.]

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  1. lilithmoon0 says:

    I’m not sure if …
    I’m not sure if this was asked or not but is there a phrase that the customer says when leaving the restaurant? I went to a Korean restaurant I notice that when the native Korean customers where heading to the door to leave they will say something to the owner. I was just wondering if there is such a thing as polite phrases to say when leaving a mom/pop restaurant?

  2. Jav Eng says:

    well done. love …
    well done. love the way u guys interact.

  3. Lan Nguyen says:

    There are many …
    There are many teachers who call themselves a ”teacher” in the world. But because they are known as teachers doesn’t mean they can teach. And I must say. You guys are the TRUE teachers that can teach. :) KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!

  4. neevar123 says:

    kyeonghwa’s hair …
    kyeonghwa’s hair here is pretty

  5. talktomeinkorean says:

    @Liz Machuca …
    @Liz Machuca Fernandez / Thank you! ^_^

  6. Liz Machuca Fernandez says:

    You are awesome …
    You are awesome guys! ^^

  7. zulbeckham23 says:

    좀 is used to make …
    좀 is used to make the request sounds more polite. 메뉴 주세요 is polite but 메뉴 좀 주세요 is more polite. In English, the best example that I could think of is comparing “please give me menu” with “could you please give me the menu”. Hope that helps!

  8. Bernardo Puppin says:

    About the menu …
    About the menu example. Why is the 좀 (a little) needed? How does ”a little” relates to the menu if it’s a single object and can’t be quantified as ”a little” neither ”a lot”?

  9. lalaina ramarivelo says:

    Been there, done …
    Been there, done that… but i didnt have the free drink tho, lol, and hey it was a waiter, lol.

  10. glubslap says:

    좀(jom) in those …
    좀(jom) in those phrases mean notthing just polite stuff i think.

  11. ljoeyah says:

    thank you so much! …
    thank you so much! this is so useful! ><

  12. CoderDBF says:

    I went to a Korean …
    I went to a Korean restaurant 3 days ago. The waitresses were so cute and friendly! I did my best to talk Korean but I was far from perfect :-( Still so much to learn.
    I forgot to say 좀 when I asked something :-(
    In the end the waitresses gave me a free drink on the house.
    I honestly don’t know why, well it wasn’t for my pretty face that’s for sure.
    Could it be because I tried talking Korean with them? Wish I could go there more often, it was the best night of my life!

  13. 96music4eva says:

    I want to try some …
    I want to try some of these phrases at this Korean restaurant in the states. The waitress is fluent in Korean so she could help me w/ pronunciation and stuff! ^^

  14. TAYROARS says:

    Hii~ LOVE talk to …
    Hii~ LOVE talk to me in korean!! You’re the best!
    Just wondering, I’m going to Korea in December (SO EXCITED OMG) and we plan to just eat anything and everything; Should I use some of these phrases or is it probably best to play the foreigner card? I’m kind of worried, if I say some of these phrases will they think I can actually speak Korean and start speaking rapid fire korean towards me? lol :)

  15. davicito65 says:


  16. Racseltab says:

    She is the most …
    She is the most adorable person EVER.
    Thank you for the phrase for vegetarians. Does that usually also mean no fish or fish sauce/oyster sauce etc? Or is fish not considered meat as is so in some other countries?

  17. TheLittlemissghostly says:

    How do you address …
    How do you address the stall owner in Korean? Or it is not necessary to address him/her in a polite way? Thanks!

  18. Hiei Cikida says:

    It is very useful! …
    It is very useful! Thank youuu!

  19. wiliamthekiller says:

    I’m going to use …
    I’m going to use these sentences a lot this summer! Thank you so much. :)

  20. nasujpida01 says:

    Awesome!!! Tq TTMK …
    Awesome!!! Tq TTMK for the hard works

  21. kamibelgium says:

    Omg, this is so …
    Omg, this is so good!!
    Also I think the girl looks like Emily Osment…

  22. gaoshikui88 says:

    this is great, keep …
    this is great, keep up the good work guys

  23. Kenzo Kanehara says:

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!… I bend my knee before people who have the talent to teach without being boring…. You are terrific!!!!

  24. cherry blossoms says:

    me toooooooooo!!!!! …
    me toooooooooo!!!!!!! <3 you guys rock!

  25. SparkzMxzXZ says:

    Just want to tell …
    Just want to tell you guys that you inspired me not to give up on learning korean. :)

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