Korean Restaurants

0 Korean RestaurantsThree Korean Restaurants. This 1st is a traditional Korean sushi restaurant, the 2nd is a small chicken restaurant, and the 3rd is a small Chinese Restaurant that serves “Cha-Ja-Myon” — black noodles they don’t really have in China — kind of like “Chinese fortune cookies” in America.

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  1. wcdeich4 says:

    Yeah, I like chop- …
    Yeah, I like chop-chae, bibimbap, and doragi muchim. Unfortunately, my stomach’s a little sensitive to hot pepper, so I like white kimchi (beak kimchi) a lot more than red kimchi. That ‘Chajamyun’ actually made me sick, but I’m pretty sure it was the restaurant, not the recipe. Oh, & I know ㅈ (“ji-eut”) is a j sound that is pronounced in between j & ch at the front of words, but I’m still working on the “in between” part.

  2. jeh0193 says:

    isn’t korean food …
    isn’t korean food good? :)
    (not that i’m saying korean food’s the best
    i like all variety of foods)
    i’m korean by the way
    for the pronounciation of black paste noodles in korean, i spell it ‘jja jang myun’

  3. greatguy200 says:

    It’s “O Dae Ong Wae …
    It’s “O Dae Ong Wae Jib”, I may not be able to hear you pronouncing it from what you read, but if you did, you did well. Also, it’s “Ja Ja Miyeung” I had that when I was introduced to Korean food. I ate this dish at a Korean restaurant and it was only $1.50 on the 15th of every month.

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