New Fast Food Restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea

0 New Fast Food Restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea[방문기] – 은정속에 새 모습 펼친 인민봉사기지 -만수교청량음료점을 찾아서

North Korea (DPRK – Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea)
Nordkorea (DVRK – Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea)
Corea del Nord – Repubblica Democratica Popolare di Corea
Corea del Norte
Corée du Nord
Koreańska Republika Ludowo-Demokratyczna
Корейская Народно-Демократическая Республика
Kuzey Kore
كوريا الشمالية

Duration : 0:11:12


  1. train2n0where says:

    But it’s obviosly …
    But it’s obviosly no drive-thru restaurant, unless you take a wheelchair.

  2. train2n0where says:

    The North Koreans …
    The North Koreans are tough. And burning pain, caused by a hot hamburger bun is a welcome distraction from their other everyday life, which is so rich in privation.

  3. Teknodromen84 says:

    This must be fake, …
    This must be fake, they took out the bread from the owen without gloves. :) 

  4. TheOnailujo says:

    ok i will try it …
    ok i will try it next year

  5. DarkMedievalTimes1 says:

    And mmmm, mmmm, …
    And mmmm, mmmm, doesn’t that hot dog look really appetising @ 5:29 (100% real dog meat) lol

  6. DarkMedievalTimes1 says:

    @ 1:14, that does …
    @ 1:14, that does not look like anything like beef in that burger. And what is with the shine on the bun, is it made from plastic, Gangnam style?

  7. trentenloveskitty says:


  8. Isabella Gallarotti says:

    The interior …
    The interior design of this place is amazing

  9. JEx42xiDASH says:

    That’s where I go. …
    That’s where I go. Look how fat I am.

  10. GooseHinson says:

    They sure look like …
    They sure look like they know how to bake bread. But wtf is with the meat? It’s gray?

  11. EnigmaDrath says:

    5:29 -> Those …
    5:29 -> Those hotdog and hamburger are NOT cooked D:

  12. Teza Mikerapphone says:

    ZOMBIE BURGER!!!!! …
    ZOMBIE BURGER!!!!! CAT’S MEAT!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yarlan Zey says:

    n.korean people …
    n.korean people attend monthly 

  14. Peter Korček says:

    Pekne sa starajú o …
    Pekne sa starajú o pracujúcich. U nás je už zas ten kapitalistický imperializmus. Je to tu hrozné. Človek v kapitalizme neznamená nič.

  15. 洋輔 山下 says:

    魚肉ソーセージを2週間常温で放置して …

  16. AndyDufresne987 says:

    Fucking paradise.I …
    paradise.I jizzed

  17. Ashton Tekno says:

    @ 5:27 their …
    @ 5:27 their sandwiches,hotdogs and hamburgers are weird and creepy!…WTF the hotdog doesn’t have ketchup some weird green sauce.

  18. pabnaful says:

    this is a dream for …
    this is a dream for ghetto America and its ghetto life. north Koreans are living thousand times better than banana republic of America. life gets screwed once you come to america and get trapped into poverty and slavery. there is no escape from it.

  19. akumie2 says:

    I bet this food is …
    I bet this food is x100 more healthy then mcdonalds and burher king
    Good they start to make good things and dont get all crappy things from usa like food

  20. KonradAdenauerJr says:

    I don’t know what …
    I don’t know what the young lady @01:42 says, but she sure is pretty.

  21. pauliewalnuts3977 says:

    McDog. 100% kanine
    McDog. 100% kanine

  22. Emily Wilson says:

    The meat might be …
    The meat might be creepy but hey at least the building is extravagant. I wonder how long these places stay open.

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