Street food in South Korea

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Duration : 0:14:59


  1. sukiyukie3 says:

    This makes me …
    This makes me wanna go to korea! lol

  2. pinyinhead says:

    omg! $1 American …
    omg! $1 American dollar for that waffle treat? Man that would probably be $4.99 if she cooked that here!

  3. pinyinhead says:

    How did Asian and …
    How did Asian and Middle Eastern people master the art of cooking with everyday ingredients and turning them into masterpieces!?!

  4. Jenn B says:

    Great video
    Great video

  5. Raven Shin says:

    Hello, @ …
    Hello, @MyPeacePursuit.
    I’m South Korean and I love these street foods. Tasty and various!

  6. MyPeacePursuit says:

    Hiya! That’s …
    Hiya! That’s awesome, let me know what she thinks! Where did she live in Korea? This footage was taken in Wonju, Kangwondo :-) 

  7. CptvonChaos says:

    Ma’am, thank you …
    Ma’am, thank you for posting this video, I enjoyed it very much. One of my best friends is Korean, Seoul born and raised and now a naturalized American citizen (married an American, took the citizenship test and the oath); I’m going to share this video with her and see if this brings back memories.

  8. CptvonChaos says:

    This woman has …
    This woman has comported herself as a lady during the course of this video, and has shown a great appreciation for the food and respect for the vendors. This shows class, and character, neither of which you show for this rude remark. Instead of insulting her, try to learn manners and comportment, you’ll be a lot better off.

  9. ilovewii11 says:

    looks very …
    looks very delicious!

  10. MyPeacePursuit says:

    lol, it also …
    lol, it also tasted pretty good! :-)

  11. paris3me says:

    omg, that fried …
    omg, that fried chicken looks so good. Great video!

  12. Amelia Luna says:

    I’m sorry you feel …
    I’m sorry you feel the need to call another human being something nasty because they have a different color skin, but a lot of people do that so it isn’t shocking, but why pig? She is looking good for being surrounded by tons of naughty food, change it to princess and at least you would be half right :D hehe

  13. MyPeacePursuit says:

    Dude, thanks for …
    Dude, thanks for the view

  14. corol33 says:

    Nigger pig

  15. MyPeacePursuit says:

    Awesome! You’re …
    Awesome! You’re gonna have a wonderful time :-)

  16. albedo0point39 says:

    Awesome video - I …
    Awesome video - I just subscribed! I’m visiting Seoul in a few weeks – can’t wait!

  17. ZakMcDonaldd says:

    14:19 omg One Way …
    14:19 omg One Way Ticket by 9Muses :D

  18. MyPeacePursuit says:

    lol, it was pretty …
    lol, it was pretty good!

  19. MariaSharapovaIsLove says:

    OH MY LORD. That …
    OH MY LORD. That giant ice cream waffle for only $1.20 looks divine!

  20. MyPeacePursuit says:

    I have more videos …
    I have more videos like this, check out the rest of my channel. thanks for watching :-)

  21. xxpandaapllexx says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for making this video! Now I know what to try in Korea! Please make more videos like this! :)

  22. MyPeacePursuit says:

    Yes, they’re …
    Yes, they’re extremely nice! Thanks for watching :-)

  23. MyPeacePursuit says:

    Yay! Mission …
    Yay! Mission accomplished, lol! Thanks for watching :-)

  24. Dian Harumi Paramita says:

    Hello from Silicon …
    Hello from Silicon Valley. Girl.. my mouth is successfully watering as I am watching your video. I wanna try all of them;)). Thank you for sharing your food journey, hope someday I can visit Seoul.

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