The Upscale Korean Barbecue Restaurant in NYC, KRISTALBELLI

0 The Upscale Korean Barbecue Restaurant in NYC, KRISTALBELLIKRISTALBELLI,

The Upscale Korean BBQ is Coming Soon in NYC.
Whatever you imagine, you’ll see more of it.

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  1. Valcsi100 says:

    Congratulations ! …
    Congratulations ! Best Regards : Valeria Andrasi / Secret Smile :)

  2. kpopnewsguy says:

    I would love to …
    I would love to visit on the opening day and do a little interview with you (and your company’s entertainers if they are going to be there). I’m sure my subscribers would like to see them too!

    Thumbs up if you want me to review and interview!!

  3. fxxklian says:

    來台灣開 我一定會去吃的~~~~~~
    來台灣開 我一定會去吃的~~~~~~

  4. TheAnnABananaa says:

    kpop+food = heaven

    kpop+food = heaven
    wish i lived in a city where JYP plans to open one D:

  5. fukutanable says:

    but why somehow i …
    but why somehow i feel , it’s more like a Fashion Label ad , rather than Restaurant ad ? -_- lol
    but hope it’ll be successful

  6. teresarawr says:

    australia please!
    australia please!

  7. ByeByeStanleyByeBye says:

    Upscale? Let’s just …
    Upscale? Let’s just hope those crazy Kpop fans that plan on going there show some class.

  8. ohmyname197 says:

    oh my buddha -.-
    oh my buddha -.-

  9. myasera says:

    wondering about 2pm …
    wondering about 2pm reaction since they love to eat…. maybe they will eat all over the dishes,2pm <3 heavy eaters..LOL

  10. Phonotic says:

    JYP IS AN AMAZING MAN. Always has new amazing ideas. Would love to eat here. They should get 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, San-E and Miss A to come out and do live performances LOL.

  11. lovemissukpop says:


  12. KHOUNE15 says:

    HELL YEAH…thats …
    YEAH…thats what im talkin about LOVE JYP when hes doin something like this over exspectations…so i guess WG n 2PM are gonna be in their US CF…and there all the time…no wonder JYP always working hard in NY…

  13. goodbyebabygoodbye says:

    omg.. imagine …
    omg.. imagine opening day!! kpop stars galore
    i’d love to eat here :)

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