How to Make Thai Iced Tea Recipe – Restaurant Style Thai Drink

0 How to Make Thai Iced Tea Recipe   Restaurant Style Thai Drink Thai drink recipes: How to Make Thai Iced Tea Recipe The is a recipe for a restaurant style Thai drink, Thai Ice Tea. Also referred to as Thai Iced Tea, Cha Yen or just Thai Tea. Another variation is called Cha Chak or Cha Chuk and it uses both un-sweetened evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. Cha Chak is vigorously mixed before serving with the sweetened condensed milk being used as the sweetener instead of sugar being added to the brewed tea as in this restaurant style version.
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  1. kyj5418 says:

    i heard thai ice …
    i heard thai ice tea is made of green tea and food colorings to make it orange ..

  2. MartialKitchen says:

    for an awesome …
    for an awesome healthy Thai tea recipe and how to, check out MARTIAL KITCHEN

  3. CookingThaiFood says:

    A couple more …
    A couple more thoughts on it: The evaporated milk should also be cold, kept in the refrigerator, before mixing. And I think the ice cubes we used in the video are not ideal. Either a smaller cube or crushed ice should be better. The cream seems to stick to these large cubes instead of mixing well. We will try it with other ice to see what’s best soon.

  4. CookingThaiFood says:

    @electricmoo88 …
    @electricmoo88 Right! If we didn’t mention that in the video, the brewed tea should be cooled and kept in the refrigerator separately from the evaporated milk(or cream) before combining to make the final drink. Everyone wants to make it just like that $4 glass at their favorite Thai restaurant – I think we are getting closer to that magical combination! Thanks for your input.

  5. electricmoo88 says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your response! You’re right, it has to be very cold. The first time I made it, I wasn’t patient and I just wanted to try it my tea was still warm and the ice kinda just diluted everything! Thank you again for this video!

  6. CookingThaiFood says:

    @electricmoo88 Try …
    @electricmoo88 Try to pour the evaporated milk very slowly and from just above the top of the glass. More milk makes it more creamy. Sometimes the milk does seem to go straight down for us also. I think it may be because of the temperature difference or the type of ice cubes. Be sure to use LOTS of ice. Really, the glass should be full of ice before the tea is poured. The tea will melt some of the ice which is normal and desired for the right dilution and to make it very cold like it should be!

  7. decoysupreme says:

    I love you thank …
    I love you thank you for this recipe!!!

  8. electricmoo88 says:

    So I bought this …
    So I bought this brand of Thai tea and I tried making turned out good but I think I did it wrong. When I added the evaporated milk, it didn’t stay on the top and it went straight down…and you know when you order Thai tea at the restaurants, the thai tea is very thick and creamy? Mine wasn’t :( how do I get it thick and creamy? Thank you.

  9. electricmoo88 says:

    Wow! Is this the …
    Wow! Is this the way the restaurants make it?! I watched so many videos on how to make Thai ice tea and this one is the best! Its bright orange and it looks like the ones you get at the restaurants. Now I just have to find this brand of Thai tea. Thank you, please continue making more videos :)

  10. pinetreeinc says:

    Your video is great …
    Your video is great thank you. I will definitely check out your site.

  11. purawngailocano says:

    WOW WING WA? I live …
    WOW WING WA? I live around the corner O_O

  12. CookingThaiFood says:

    @Hurrygettothevan …
    @Hurrygettothevan Thank you for your comment. If yours is a fine powder, unlike the example in the video, then it probably is going to taste and look different. But you can still make it like shown in the video and it may be delicious. Experiment and let us know. There many different types of “Thai” tea drinks. We plan on making a video showing the variety. This video shows how to make the type of Thai iced tea that popular in restaurants, especially outside Thailand.

  13. Hurrygettothevan says:

    Do I use the same …
    Do I use the same thing cuz i have the powder no leaves

  14. imjustpassinthru says:

    I had some Thai Tea …
    I had some Thai Tea at the Cambodian New Year festival last year and it was really good!

  15. targeteer26 says:

    I’m so glad for …
    I’m so glad for this recipe! I’ve been paying almost $4 at a local bakery. Recently I found it canned at about $1.50/can but thanks to this recipe I can make a quart of it for the same price plus have it anytime I want! Thanks!

  16. CookingThaiFood says:

    @david007max Thank …
    @david007max Thank you so much

  17. david007max says:

    Very good …
    Very good instructrions. I’m ready to buy and make it now. And save money, at about $4 a glass. Thanks.

  18. AlicesAsylum says:

    Thank you, can’t …
    Thank you, can’t wait to try it! ^-^

  19. alinanazarenko1 says:

    Can you make a …
    Can you make a video on making Coconut Soup? Thanks :)

  20. MDIS says:

    Hi. Thank you very …
    Hi. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe.
    I made this every day or when the weather is too humid and hot.
    Another would be Thai Iced Coffee . . my favourite.
    Love all of your recipes , please do share more with us.
    Love ya . <3

  21. CookingThaiFood says:

    @LostandFoundTravel …
    @LostandFoundTravel ^__^

  22. LostandFoundTravel says:

    Thanks for showing …
    Thanks for showing the brand of tea. I have a Thai grocery near me to pick it up at.

    Also the macro shots look GREAT.

  23. Calpico852 says:

    im glad you …

    im glad you guys got a new camera!!!

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