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Massaman Chicken

4 pc bone-in dark meat chicken
500 ml coconut milk
50 g. Massaman curry paste (1 small packet)
2-3 Tbsp palm sugar
1-2 Tbsp fish sauce
2-3 Tbsp tamarind juice
1 medium potato or sweet potato
1 small yellow onion
1/4 cup roasted whole peanuts

Duration : 0:12:39


  1. dantae666 says:

    can also add …
    can also add coconut cooking oil to get the look of oil in there worked for me when i didn’t get the coconut mil to break

  2. PailinsKitchen says:

    So you can saute …
    So you can saute the curry paste with vegetable oil and then add the coconut milk from then can, rather than sauteing the curry paste with the broken coconut oil. It will work just fine.

  3. PailinsKitchen says:

    Start with 1.5 …
    Start with 1.5 Tbsp and adjust from there. They’re usually more concentrated.

  4. dantae666 says:

    how much of the …
    how much of the store bought tamarind juice do you recommend to use

  5. sherserv says:

    Pailin can i have …
    Pailin can i have ur email add need more of thai recipe pls

  6. PailinsKitchen says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comment! Hmmm, I don’t think Massaman means muslim, at least not in the modern day usage of the word. But it wouldn’t be surprising if that were the case at some point in time!

  7. Thomas Mace says:

    Sawati karub! …
    Sawati karub! Thank you for a very good recipe and a very well made video. massaman means muslim, no?

  8. cwaddle says:

    why are you so …
    why are you so pretty?

  9. PailinsKitchen says:

    Interesting! Thanks …
    Interesting! Thanks! I will have to get the book for myself!

  10. mibabco says:

    A booklet in the …
    A booklet in the Thai language,”Tamnaan Ahaan Thai” (“Chronicles of Thai Cuisine”) by a prominent award-winning Thai author, published in 1999, suggests that this curry was first made in the Royal Kitchens in Ayuthaya in the time of King Narai the Great, probably by an Indian chef in that kitchen and possibly to feed an embassy from Persia. (I don’t read Thai. My Thai wife has read this book.)

  11. Tavis Allen says:

    The pot looks like …
    The pot looks like copper-plated Revere Ware. I’d recognize that anywhere, having grown up with a set. Thin bottom, like you said.

  12. SimplyBakings says:


  13. SimplyBakings says:

    good job!

    good job!

  14. SimplyBakings says:



  15. zRev1983 says:

    umm, marry me. …
    umm, marry me. just sayin..

  16. angrywarvet says:

    My wife’s cooking …
    My wife’s cooking isn’t very good she is Thai and her mother and aunt cooked all their food, then she moved to Bangkok and always bought food on the street. Your videos are helping very much.

  17. angrywarvet says:

    Thanks for adding …
    Thanks for adding more videos, I would say you are very pretty but MY Thai wife would not approve-lol.

  18. TophBeiF0ng says:

    Love your videos. …
    Love your videos. You are so detailed and that helps so much.  Can do a tutorial on Mee Grob? I love the crispy noodle but can’t seem to get the flavors right.

  19. iloveu1910 says:

    Cannot thank u …
    Cannot thank u enough…just.made it and its d most beautiful dish i hv ever made…
    Been 3wks i came back from thailand but trust me i m still floating around there only….luv luv luvd everything about it planning holiday #2 already…lol

  20. AirrowRocket says:


  21. Autofanatic28 says:


  22. negativearts says:

    Why would you say …
    Why would you say massaman cannot be translated? Massaman = mussulman = muslim. I think I saw that in an Indian video about massaman curry. By all means correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. Namthang Mungmai says:

    คนอะไรสวยจิงๆ ชอบๆ …
    คนอะไรสวยจิงๆ ชอบๆๆๆ

  24. Boristos Jaxon says:

    The more you age, …
    The more you age, the better you look.

  25. Terry Sturmey says:

    I was sad now your …
    I was sad now your back im happy and looking forward to more video’s

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