Snoop Dogg & Mike Epps Prank Call A Thai Restaurant

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Duration : 0:2:57

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  1. abledanger28 says:

    at 2:10 count how …
    at 2:10 count how many wrinkles mike epps has on his forehead lol

  2. 60microphonemajesty says:

    greatest prank …
    greatest prank phone caller EVER!

  3. MistaSicknasty says:

    @missPENNYbaby you …
    @missPENNYbaby you guys are party poopers

  4. MistaSicknasty says:

    @MrACLSiccNicc you …
    @MrACLSiccNicc you guys are party poopers

  5. TheTiffany47 says:

    I Want Wing, I Want …
    I Want Wing, I Want Wing, I Want Wing Lol !

  6. MrLiiger says:

    13 people are …
    13 people are Asians.

  7. jonoung says:

    im sorry im asian …
    im sorry im asian and this is hilarious.

  8. missPENNYbaby says:

    Not Funny. Just …
    Not Funny. Just rude.

  9. MrACLSiccNicc says:

    This wasn’t funny …
    This wasn’t funny at all.

  10. shaydaten07 says:


  11. shaydaten07 says:


  12. dallastxRep214 says:

    haha.. i wanna see …
    haha.. i wanna see mike epps vs nephew tommy.. haha it whuld be funnyy !!

  13. GeezyScrewed says:

    damn i wanna smoke …
    i wanna smoke a blunt with Mike Epps and snoop

  14. timoh32 says:

    Racism, rudeness, …
    Racism, rudeness, and pot smoking all in one unfunny video. If there were justice in this world Mike Epps would be a shift manager at KFC and only talented comedians would be able to make a living at comedy.

  15. raven062000 says:

    “You got one mo …
    “You got one mo time to say huh!” HAAAHAAA

  16. Baretta619 says:

    Omg!This fool is …
    Omg!This fool is stupid!!

    “wuchu got on the wing tip?”haha!

  17. the1nonlyjroc says:

    @Me1423 you watched …
    @Me1423 you watched half baked…snoop dont pass he didn’t even hit the yet lol

  18. Me1423 says:

    Dang snoop pass the …
    Dang snoop pass the blunt!!!!

  19. badgerestates says:

    mike epps funny …
    mike epps funny though .

  20. badgerestates says:

    mike epps one of …
    mike epps one of them cats that get high and start acting stupid on some noid . look how long he had his fist balled up when the first come on an . all uncomfortable an shit

  21. Str8blazin0905 says:

    lmao hee sed ” yu …
    lmao hee sed ” yu nevaa listen even wen yu was a lil boy yu neva listen” hee soo stupid

  22. C3K1J8 says:

    No He’s Saying Alah …
    No He’s Saying Alah Rackbar

  23. mooshashie says:

    @radwanwwwwww he’s …
    @radwanwwwwww he’s saying hello akbar

  24. cjskater13 says:

    lmaoo!! snoop is …
    lmaoo!! snoop is just geekin and smokin a blunt. god this is hilarious!

  25. ChocoBoyization says:

    hey you want …
    hey you want chicken wings come to Thailand
    ไอสาดดด dont with Thai people

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