Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Phad Cha! (with Pla Muek)

0 Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Phad Cha! (with Pla Muek)Phad Cha is a stir-fried dish with galingale. The smell of it is really touching. icon smile Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Phad Cha! (with Pla Muek) If you like Ga prao recipe, you would love this one too.

Most restaurant has this in Thailand. The recipe is vary. Some people love it with clams or just shrimps or seafood mix.

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Duration : 0:5:49

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  1. MrEZCooking says:

    I bring squid to …
    I bring squid to work all the time! I don’t make it like this but I will try this recipe. I just love the fact that nobody in my office wants to taste my squid! Looks delish kiddo! Thank you for sharing! Each time I watch one of your vids I really learn something!

  2. TryThaiFood says:

    Asian …

    Asian market should have Galingale, especially in a big city. :)

  3. GinArRaiTungSouy says:

    Look !!, Yummy(-_^; …
    Look !!, Yummy(-_^;)*
    Saeb saeb saeb, khur si saeb nor!!
    Thanks for the share ka, Kun TryThaiFood^___^;)*

  4. Wivanunu says:

    Do we have …
    Do we have garlingale in the U.S.? Does it look like ginger?

    I have never seen young peppercorn! :-)

  5. TryThaiFood says:

    It sounds …

    It sounds like I am 10 years younger than my age.. :D hahaha

  6. Zevink says:

    I love the way you …
    I love the way you talk. It’s adorable. :3

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